Friday, May 20, 2022

Sykkuno, Disguised Toast, Ludwig, Lilypichu reacts to Pokimane getting banned for ‘Avatar’ stream

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Needless to say, hell broke loose among fellow streamers and fans alike as soon as Pokimane tweeted the news of her Twitch suspension. Though Pokimane didn’t seem much worried, many of her fans were in absolute shock. Most of her fans questioned the DMCA strikes and that it was an injustice to target Poki alone when there are other streamers doing the same thing for quite some time. While others were exhilarated as finally the strike came into effect. The Internet was filled with hilarious memes, some of which suggested the whole Twitch “TV show” drama is soon going to collapse. Pokimane ban, DMCA Pokimane, Twitch Pokimane, Ludwig, Disguised Toast, Twitch stream, Pokimane Avatar ban, Lilypichu

Streamers were also taken by surprise at this sudden ban. Initially, Sykkuno didn’t believe and thought his audience was trolling as he was live streaming. He then confirmed it and was in utter disbelief.

As Disguised Toast and Ludwig were live streaming together, Ludwig broke the news to Toast referring to it as, “oooo you wanna hear something spicy? Poki just got banned….” Both of them burst into laughter and they pointed out “Avatar is a little risky”. Ludwig expressed his satisfaction as he had warned multiple times of the dangers of DMCA and then he asked Toast about his content who watches Naruto live. “What’s your take on Poki’s ban Toast? Does that scare you for your future content?” “aaaaa….Nooooooo…” Toast sighed.

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Later in a stream, Toast and Lilypichu were seen discussing the news. Toast was sad as he didn’t want any of his friends to get banned. He was surprised to see Mizkif not receiving a ban first and Lilypichu acknowledged the same. He even pointed out that it might be a “gender thing”.

Moreover, this might be a warning bell for other streamers who are currently sticking to this meta. As per people’s opinion, it is only a matter of time before they all get banned.

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