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Harbhajan Singh responds to ‘nalayak’ Kamran Akmal apology for comments on Arshdeep Singh

Harbhajan Singh responds to ‘nalayak’ Kamran Akmal apology for comments on Arshdeep Singh

Harbhajan had posted on X regarding the comments made by Akmal. Although Akmal has issued an apology since then, Harbhajan does not look impressed.

It seems like former Pakistan player Kamran Akmal’s controversial remark on Arshdeep Singh and the Sikhs isn’t any closer conclusion. Harbhajan Singh on Wednesday responded to Akmal’s apology, calling him ‘nalayak’ and once again underlining Sikhs contribution to the nation’s struggle.

Harbhajan still angry with Akmal

This is a very absurd statement and a very childish act that only a ‘Nalayak’ person can do. Kamran Akmal should understand that there is no need to say anything about anyone’s religion and make fun of it. I would like to ask Kamran Akmal that do you know the history of Sikhs, who are Sikhs and all the work that Sikhs have done to save your community, your mothers, sisters,” Harbhajan told ANI.

Ask this from your ancestors, at 12 o’clock the Sikhs used to attack Mughals and rescue your mothers and sisters, so stop talking nonsense. It is good that he understood so quickly and apologized but he should never again try to hurt any Sikh or any religion. We respect all religions, whether it is Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism or Christianity,” Harbhajan added.

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Akmal’s initial comments still facing backlash

The controversy stemmed from a comment Akmal made on air during a panel discussion on ARY News. “Kuch bhi ho sakta hai… 12 baj gaye hai (Anything can happen. It is already 12),” Akmal had said, leading to the backlash.

Although Akmal took to social media on Tuesday to issue an apology, Harbhajan isn’t letting the matter go so easily.


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