“We are not expecting to fight Alpine’, Lando Norris makes disheartening statement on McLaren’s hope in 2023

Lando Norris still remains one of the most sought after driver on the F1 grid, even after an array of disappointing races in 2023

Lando Norris Makes Disheartening Statement on McLaren's F1 Hope In 2023, Oscar Piastri, Formula 1 Live, Papaya Team, Norris-Piastri, Alpine

Formula 1: McLaren F1 team had a decent outing in Monaco with both cars finishing in points. The season so far has been a disastrous one for the Papaya team. The duo of Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri have not been able to extract much performance from the MCL60. This might be for a disheartening reason that the current machinery just hasn’t enough to offer. Out of the six rounds this season, McLaren ended out of points on three occasions, thus giving them their worst-ever start arguably in decades. Follow Formula 1 Live Updates on InsideSport.IN.

Currently, the team stands sixth in the constructors’ championship, with 17 points under their belt so far. The Woking duo has shown grit and resilience and their relentless pursuit of taking the team back to the top of the midfield. More recently, Lando opened up about the draggy car and subsisting reliability issues. The young Brit joined the team in 2019 and has been an asset to them ever since. In every season but this one, he succeeded in giving spectacular starts to the team.

However, in a sport as competitive and cutthroat as Formula 1, disappointments and challenges come sooner than expected. Being at the receiving end this season, Norris understands the punishing nature of the sport the very moment you put a foot wrong. The Papaya team, as accepted by the top-tier management, got their design wrong and then the whole process was a fight to undo the mistakes.

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Lando Norris is not expecting to fight considering McLaren shortcomings

After getting terribly exposed in Miami, McLaren introduced upgrades to find some extra miles in their straight-line speed. To their satisfaction, the car looked tad-bit better than the preceding weekend as the two drivers achieved a 9-10 finish. However, in his recent interview, Lando acknowledged the massive pace advantage that other competitors hold over his team.

“They are just a lot quicker than us; they have been all year. They are doing a good job, considering we are saying we had the worst car at the start of the season, that we have had for the last 5-6 years,” said the Briton.

Moreover, he talked about immediate rivals Alpine, which stands 5th in the constructor’s standings. Lando took a rather pragmatic take on the situation. “We are not expecting to fight Alpine in any way, so there’s not even any point in thinking about it. They were half a second faster than us in qualifying in Monaco,” added the Briton.

Lando Norris Makes Disheartening Statement on McLaren's F1 Hope In 2023, Oscar Piastri, Formula 1 Live, Papaya Team, Norris-Piastri, Alpine

The improvements in Monaco will surely give them another day to breathe. Here on, fans are expecting a bounce back from the champion team. Tell us your expectations with the Woking team going ahead.

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