Tokyo Olympics Hockey LIVE: India end 41 years hockey medal drought! Great comeback to defeat Germany 5-4 in the bronze medal match

Tokyo Olympics Hockey live: India vs Germany: India come back from 3-1 down to win 5-4 against Germany and win the bronze medal

Tokyo Olympics Hockey LIVE – India WINS Bronze Medal by beating Germany LIVE: India men’s hockey team has defeated Germany in the Bronze medal play-off match. IN a match where India was down 3-1, they came back impressively to win the match 5-4 and end the 41 years medal drought. India has won a medal in Olympics (Hockey) for the first time since 1980 where they had won GOLD – Follow LIVE Updates as India celebrated their 1st Olympic Hockey medal in 41 years

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India men’s hockey team coach Graham Reid on Thursday said his side made a lot of sacrifices over the last two years, and to see this being turned into a bronze medal at the ongoing Tokyo Olympics is “pretty special”.

Fantastic performance, apart from the first seven-eight minutes, where we were asleep. Germans were pumped from the very first minute and we paid the price early. After that, in the next three quarters, we were switched on, you saw pretty nice hockey from both the teams. Today, was really a great fightback. 3-1 down, one of the most pleasing performances of the day was being 1-3 down, most teams would struggle mentally but we came back to 3-3, and getting up to 5-3 was a wonderful performance today,” said Reid during a virtual press conference organized by Hockey India.

We started a little bit asleep, to be honest, we were a bit casual and we underestimated how switched on the Germans were. In the second half of the first quarter, we started to wake up and you consistently saw improvement from there. It was no doubt that during a game like today, you were going to get into trouble. You saw us digging deep, you have to be aggressive and we were today,” said Reid.

At the half-time, one of my points was to stay calm so that we have a clear head to work with. It is a matter of making sure that everyone gets to their task. I always try and keep them zooming out, we did this in the morning, I made them see the picture of the bronze medal, and then I asked them to picture themselves with it. Then we zoomed back in and what task we need to achieve,” he added.

Indian Hockey Team Tokyo Olympics: India end 41 years hockey medal drought! Great comeback to defeat Germany 5-4 in the bronze medal match

India Beat Germany – Wins Bronze Medal: Rupinder Pal Singh, Hardik Singh, Harmanpreet Singh, and 2 goals from Simranjeet Singh helped India win a match that involved a total of 9 goals!

Indian Hockey Team Tokyo Olympics:

41 Year Wait Ends – Check how India won Bronze medal: It took 41 years, but the dream of every Indian was finally realised on Thursday as the men’s hockey team beat Germany 5-4 to win the bronze medal here at the Oi Hockey Stadium — North Pitch.

INDIA vs GERMANY 1st Quarter: The Men in Blue showed absolute resilience, strength, and winning spirit to register a remarkable comeback win against a strong German team. The German team got off the block very quickly in the first quarter after the Indian defence was caught napping. Timur Oruz scored past Sreejesh from the scramble in the D.

The European team continued with their relentless pressure and got series of penalty corners which the Indian defence withheld brilliantly during the dying moments of the first fifteen minutes.

INDIA vs GERMANY 2nd Quarter: Graham Reid’s men responded well in the second quarter as the team scored a brilliant field goal from the counterattack. Nilakanta found Simranjeet with a long ball into the D and he finished the move brilliantly on the turn. Germany soon regained their lead from the goal by Wellen on the counter. After that, the floodgates of goals opened for both teams as Furk capitalised on the error of Surender to give Germany a 3-1 lead in the game.

India again came back in the game as Hardik Singh pounced on Harmanpreet’s drag-flick to peg the Germans one back. In the dying moments of the first half, Harmanpreet Singh again came clutch for India with his superb drag-flick to level the match 3-3.

Indian Hockey Team Tokyo Olympics:

INDIA vs GERMANY 3rd Quarter: The second half started with a bang for the Men in Blue as Rupinder Pal Singh converted a penalty stroke and in the preceding phase, Germany lost their referral too. For the fifth goal for India, Gurjant beautifully outran the German defender on the right flank to find Simranjeet in the center as he scored his second of the match.

INDIA vs GERMANY 4th Quarter: In the fourth quarter of the match, Windfeder converted the PC as he smashed the ball through the legs of Sreejesh and reduced the lead of India by one goal. But Indian defenders made sure to give no chance to the German team to create any upset as they saw the match through with that one-goal lead.

Tokyo Olympics Hockey LIVE: India end 41 years hockey medal drought! Great comeback to defeat Germany 5-4 in the bronze medal match

Tokyo Olympics Hockey LIVE – Indian Hockey Team Tokyo Olympics:



@8:47 AM: Free hit for Germany with 30 seconds left!

@8:46 AM: Germany has taken back possession. India needs to defend again!

@8:45 AM: India keeping the ball in the German circle. Germany has no goalkeeper


@8:41 AM: India sitting back and letting the Germans attack. 3 minutes left and Germany gets a PENALTY CORNER

@8:40 AM: Germany has taken their goalkeeper off

@8:40 AM: Germany got the ball possession but had an infringement shortly after. India gets the free hit. 4:30 minutes left in the match!

@8:40 AM: The confusion continues regarding the ball possession.

@8:37 AM: There has been some stoppage in the play due to some argument by the German players

@8:36 AM: Sumit is down in the German box. He was pushed down on the ground in the German circle

Tokyo Olympics Hockey LIVE – India vs Germany Live Updates

@8:36 AM: Germany’s 1 man suspension is over and they are back to 11 men

@8:35 AM: GREAT SAVE BY SREEJESH! He blocked a sure goal there! India lead 5-4 with 6 minutes left


@8:34 AM: India cannot afford to concede another goal here. They need to convert the chances they are getting and get a 2-goals cushion

@8:32 AM: Manpreet Singh seems to have hurt his right arm as the German player’s stick got poked into his arm

@8:31 AM: GREAT CHANCE FOR INDIA! Mandeep was 1v1 with the goalkeeper, and he saved Mandeep’s reverse shot.

@8:30 AM: Rupinder Pal took the ball to the German half by himself, failed to find an accurate pass

@8:29 AM: Hauke shown the yellow card for a rash tackle on Vivek. Germany down to 10-men for 5 minutes

@8:27 AM: GOAL!!! Windfeder scores from the penalty corner. It should have been saved by Sreejesh since it was down the middle! Germany 4-5 India

@8:26 AM: PENALTY CORNER FOR GERMANY! No referrals left

@8:25 AM: The Indians are getting spaces in the German defense as they are trying their best to initiate a comeback

@8:24 AM: 4th quarter starts: India needs to hang on to the lead for 15 minutes more to end the medal drought

Tokyo Olympics Hockey LIVE – Indian Hockey Team Tokyo Olympics:

@8:20 AM: Germany 3-5 India

@8:19 AM: Germany attacking in the last few seconds. Indian defense remains strong. Tactics changed in the 2nd half and the defense looks much better.

@8:17 AM: Wellen missed the target and shoots it outside

@8:18 AM: They went for a variation this time and India defends again. ANOTHER PENALTY CORNER FOR GERMANY

@8:17 AM: Another PENALTY CORNER after the ball hit the defender’s leg. 6th for Germany


@8:15 AM: 3 minutes left and India has turned it around completely in this quarter. They lead 5-3

@8:14 AM: Germany went down to 10-men before the penalty corner after receiving a green card.

Tokyo Olympics Hockey LIVE – India vs Germany Live Updates

@8:14 AM: India took the referral and they have lost it.

@8:13 AM: The ball hits the German defender and it has been deemed as a dangerous play.

@8:12 AM: Not well worked, however, Sumit finds foot of Nicholas and it is another PENALTY CORNER FOR INDIA

@8:11 AM: Great block by the Germans. ANOTHER PENALTY CORNER FOR INDIA.

@8:10 AM: Fantastic running by Nilakanta! PENALTY CORNER FOR INDIA!

@8:08 AM: Attacking confidently now, the Indians are having to rush back on defense whenever the Germans are attacking. The defense in this game has not been good enough for India!

@8:07 AM: India looking really sharp now. Great run by Mandeep, he did not have the numbers up and had to turn back

@8:05 AM: Manpreet put the ball in the net again but the whistle blew before Dilpreet Shot it in. 8:30 left in quarter 3

Tokyo Olympics Hockey LIVE – India vs Germany Live Updates

@8:03 AM:

@8:02 AM: GOAL!!! An amazing counter-attack by India and Simranjeet was there with a perfect center-forward finish. Germany 3-5 India

@8:01 AM: India is back on defense now. Germany trying their best!

@8:00 AM: GOAL!!! Rupinder Singh puts India ahead with an unsavable penalty stroke! Germany 3-4 India



@7:56 AM: A really good aggressive start for India in the 3rd quarter

@7:55 AM: Start of 3rd quarter

Tokyo Olympics Hockey LIVE – India vs Germany Halftime stats

Team Totals




Total Goals/Shots 3/14 3/6
Shooting Efficiency (%) 21 50
Field Goals 3/10 1/2
Penalty Corner 0/4 2/4
Penalty Strokes
% Possession 51 49
Attacking Circle Penetrations 17 7
Team Video Referrals Total 1
Team Video Referrals Upheld 1
Green Cards 1
Yellow Cards
Red Cards

Tokyo Olympics Hockey LIVE – Indian Hockey Team Tokyo Olympics:

@7:46 AM: End of 2nd quarter: Germany 3-3 India

@7:45 AM: GOAL!!! Harmanpreet Singh absolutely smashes the ball from the penalty corner! He equalizes the score for India. Germany 3-3 India.

@7:43 AM: PENALTY CORNER FOR INDIA! 1:27 left in 2nd quarter

@7:42 AM: GOAL!!! Hardik Singh scores after the ball was saved by the German keeper! He cuts the deficit into half. Germany 3-2 India

@7:40 AM: Great interception at the half line. PENALTY CORNER FOR INDIA!

@7:38 AM: GOAL!!! Absolutely poor from the Indian defense. 3 German players were pressing and they failed to clear the ball. Took pressure on and gave the ball away to the Germans. Oruz puts his name on the scoresheet. Germany 3-1 India

@7:36 AM: GOAL!!! Wellen scores to put Germany ahead. A great pass by Ruhr and a great finish by Wellen. 6:30 left in 2nd quarter, Germany 2-1 India

@7:34 AM: Ruhr kept on going, the Indians just could not tackle him to get the ball. He shoots wide

@7:33 AM: Great clearance by Vivek Sagar Prasad. He tracked back really well and intercepted a ball that would have seen the German striker through on goal

@7:32 AM:

@7:32 AM: Mandeep Singh falls in the German circle and the referee tells him to get up

@7:31 AM: Sreejesh standing tall in his goal, blocks a shot from the left flank

@7:30 AM: India has certainly started the 2nd quarter really well.

@7:28 AM: GOAL!!! A great counter-attack by India and Simranjeet has equalized for India with a rocket of a reverse shot. Germany 1-1 India

@7:27 AM: India is now trying a full press on Germany

@7:26 AM: 2nd quarter starts

Tokyo Olympics Hockey LIVE – India vs Germany LIVE Updates

@7:23 AM: End of quarter 1: Germany 1-0 India

@7:22 AM: Fantastic defense by the Indians to keep it 1-0 after back-to-back penalty corners.


@7:21 AM: Another major save by Sreejesh. It was deemed dangerous but the referee takes a referral.

@7:20 AM: Same story, another PENALTY CORNER

@7:19 AM: Great save but another PENALTY CORNER

@7:18 AM: PENALTY CORNER FOR GERMANY! 1st quarter is over

@7:16 AM: The Indian defense is in shambles. Germans are easily able to penetrate as well as get a shot on target easily. Sreejesh has made some crucial saves to keep India in the match.

@7:15 AM: It has been nearly impossible for India to penetrate the German circle. They are defending extremely well.

@7:14 AM: Great defending by Hardik! Germany has 6 penetrations with 2 minutes left in the 1st quarter.

@7:13 AM: GREAT CHANCE FOR GERMANY! Grosse put it in a delightful cross but there was no one to defend it!

@7:13 AM: Germany’s full press is troubling the Indians, they are unable to get out of their own half

@7:12 AM: 5 minutes left in the 1st quarter, India down 1-0

@7:11 AM: GREAT CHANCE FOR GERMANY! GREAT SAVE BY SREEJESH! He did not give up and made a great save after closing down the angle

@7:11 AM: Great run by Simran but he was outmuscled by the 2 German defenders.

@7:10 AM: Germany’s Ruhr goes down in the Indian circle, the referee tells him to get up and get on with it. No foul!

Tokyo Olympics Hockey LIVE – India vs Germany LIVE Updates

@7:09 AM: Good run by Hardik but it ends up going outside the byline.

@7:07 AM: Another error by the Indian defense, they are allowing the ball to come near Sreejesh too easily.

@7:07 AM: Good waves of attack by the Indians. They got the ball in the net but it was deemed dangerous by the referee. India choose not to take the referral.

@7:06 AM: Rupinder shot well but the German blocked it and the ball was deflected over the goal!


@7:04 AM: Germany is down to 10 men due to a green card. India needs to take advantage of this.

@7:02 AM: GOAL!!! Errors in the Indian defense. The ball somehow slides under Sreejesh as Oruz puts Germany ahead. Germany 1-0 India

Tokyo Olympics Hockey LIVE – India vs Germany LIVE Updates

@7:01 AM: Germany register the first shot of the match, they have an overload on the right side.

@7:00 AM: India is playing from right to left

@6:57 AM: The players have sung their national anthems and India won the toss. Manpreet Singh chose the side

@6:54 AM: The umpires are walking out and the players are ready to walk on the pitch as well.

@6:42 AM: We are just a few minutes away as India takes on Germany for a bronze medal. Follow for live updates on the match.

Tokyo Olympics Hockey LIVE – India vs Germany LIVE Updates

@6:35 AM: Referees for the match:





Reserve Umpire


LIM Hong Zhen
Video Umpire




@6:20 AM: The starting lineups have been announced for Team India

Tokyo Olympics SEMIFINALS Results –

  • India lost to Belgium 2-5
  • Germany lost to Australia 1-3
  • India vs Germany playing for Bronze Medal now

“I think we should just forget about what happened in the semi-final and just put all our focus and energy into the game against Germany. The team has the experience of playing them in recent times. We are ready for the challenge,” said Manpreet Singh on the eve of the bronze medal play-off match.

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Tokyo Olympics Hockey LIVE: India vs Germany live for Bronze medal, 41 years wait for Olympics medal can finish on Thursday morning, follow live updates

India vs Germany LIVE – Head-to-Head record:

  • India and Germany played their first international match in September 1932, which the former British colony went on to win 6-0.
  • Both sides have played a total of 100 matches since then with Germany leading with 53 wins against India’s 20.
  • 27 matches between India and Germany have ended in a draw.
  • The biggest win for India against Germany remains the Berlin Olympic hockey final in 1936, where the Indian team won by 8-1.
  • For Germany, their biggest win against India came in a pool match of the Buenos Aires World Cup in 1978, where they won by 7-0.

Tokyo Olympics Hockey LIVE: India end 41 years hockey medal drought! Great comeback to defeat Germany 5-4 in the bronze medal match – Follow as India Celebrates the Bronze Medal Win.