PUBG Mobile Launch Date Update: All fan should know about PUBG release date, new features, updates

PUBG Mobile India Release Date
PUBG Mobile India Release Date

PUBG Mobile Launch Date Update: All fan should know about PUBG release date, new features, updates – Since the Indian government banned PUBG Mobile due to data privacy concerns, millions of PUBG gamers are waiting for any update on the game status in India. Now, if Luv Sharma, a PUBG Mobile content creator, is to be believed, gamers are in for some good news. Sharma has claimed that the Indian government has approved the game for a relaunch.

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The primary concern has been the ownership of Chinese giant Tencent and its alleged data transfer to servers in Mainland China. However, recently, PUBG Corporation, the game developer, has joined hands with Microsoft Azure to host the game sessions. In doing so, PUBG Corporation can address the concern the government has had.

Furthermore, PUBG Corp also posted job openings for Investment and Strategy Analyst on LinkedIn and that could be a positive sign of things to normalise. The person would be heading mergers and acquisitions and that has hinted at a relaunch of PUBG Mobile in India soon.

Another PUBG Mobile pro gamer Abhijeet Andhare, also known as Ghatak, has also given a hint of some positive news. He claimed that PUBG Mobile gamers in India would be treated with some exciting news.

“According to sources, the government has given the green signal for the comeback of PUBG Mobile. However, the exact release date nor the month haven’t been finalized, but the game will indeed be returning. Some of the popular content creators, including Ghatak, had posted stories, dropping hints regarding the return.”

“I didn’t want to reveal this but it’s your love that I could not refrain myself. The next two months are very good for PUBG lovers and so much interesting news will be coming soon for TSM lovers,” Andhare, who is a member of the TSM eSports team, said on Twitter.

The report also quoted the Head of Corporate Development at Krafton, Sean Hyunil Sohn, who gave an update on PUBG Mobile’s comeback during the India Gaming Conference 2021. “I cannot tell the timing or anything because we don’t know yet. But what I can tell you is, we care about the Indian market greatly and also that’s how I get to know you and get to know friends in the Indian gaming industry now. So definitely, we will work hard to make it happen,” Sohn reportedly said.

PUBG Mobile: Krafton not to open Pre-Registration for PUBG New State in India to avoid any complications

The game’s publisher had also said that since their focus is on relaunching the game in India, they will not open the pre-registration for PUBG: New State in the country. The new PUBG game was recently announced globally on both Google Play and the App Store.

As per the report, a Krafton official said that the company is doing everything to bring the game back to India. “With Krafton doing everything it can to prepare for the launch of a new PUBG app specifically developed and serviced for India, it has decided not to include pre-registration for PUBG: New State in India”.

PUBG Mobile Korea – Bad News for Indian PUBG Players: In a blow to Indian gamers of the PUBG Mobile Korean version, the developer, Krafton will start limiting access to the game from July 1, 2021. So far, due to the ban on the Indian version of the game, users from the country used to download the APK of PUBG Mobile KR and play it. But through a new update, the developer has decided to end access to gamers from regions other than Japan and Korea.

Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile Lite: Season 23 is all set to be launched with a new Winner Pass, exciting new rewards and new in-game items. In the PUBG Mobile Lite’s reward system, Winner Pass has multiple tiers. Gamers need to complete a set of tasks to climb up the rankings. The higher the rank, the better the rewards. Such rewards include new skins, unlocked items, new costumes, weapons amongst others.