Lewis Hamilton aims to keep his F1-themed Movie “Accessible” And “Diverse”

Lewis Hamilton and Brad Pitt working on a project is as close as it comes to a guarantee of delivering a great product

Lewis Hamilton Aims to Keep his F1-themed Movie "Accessible" And "Diverse"

F1-themed Movie: Formula 1 legend Lewis Hamilton has recently taken upon an ambitious off-track task. The seven-time world champion is actively working in an advisory role in the making of an F1-themed movie starring Brad Pitt. Top Gun: Maverik director Joseph Kosinski is the man behind this esteemed project announced early last year. The Briton, after donning the creative hat for this project has taken the project with utmost seriousness. Follow Formula 1 Live Updates on InsideSport.IN.

Hamilton aims to portray the intricacies of Motor racing and keep this movie as closer to reality as possible. Moreover, a recent update also informed that the team will be shooting some on-track action in Silverstone later this year, during the British GP weekend. Pitt is all set to drive the F1-adapted car across the track, giving it an authentic flavor. In addition to it, Hamilton is also using his experience of more than 15 years and 300 plus GP starts in F1 to make it a delightful cinematic experience.

Movie royalty Joseph Kosinski has made sure to keep the most professionally sound bunch around for this project. In a recent interview with SkySports, Sir Lewis Hamilton talked about making this project an “inclusive” one. Furthermore, he has made sure the movie portrays the desired future of Formula 1. This primarily means active participation from people across class, race, and nationalities.

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No interest to be in front of camera, happy to be in background: Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton, while discussing his on-camera chances, said that he might be in for a cameo at best. However, he not currently looking for an active role. Moreover, the Briton talked at length about how seriously he is taking the background role. It includes the casting and script, with an aim to make sure the movie represents an evolved and inclusive Motorsport. When Lewis Hamilton debuted in 2007, he became the first black driver in the history of the sport. Not just that, he went on to break every glass ceiling the sport ever had. Most Importantly, Hamilton never let his identity and biases of people against him stop him.

After battling racism all his life, he wants to make sure the sport is better suited and more conducive for young kids who are passionate about it. This future vision is also an essential part of Hamilton’s movie. “I’m more enjoying the part in the background, making sure that I’m really talking to Joe about who we’re hiring, making sure that it’s diverse, making sure that the sport looks how it’s supposed to look in the future, in terms of being more accessible,” said Lewis

Mercedes Man has active role in casting

Additionally, Lewis also opened up about the casting procedure and his say in it.

“Recruitment is going great, and I get to see all of those videos come through of people auditioning for the roles. And I get to be part of the decision-making of who we choose, who we like and who is most suited or not,” added the Briton.

Lewis Hamilton Aims to Keep his F1-themed Movie "Accessible" And "Diverse"

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