Lakers vs Warriors NBA Play In Scores: Lakers win 103-100, will face Phoenix Suns in NBA Playoffs 2021

Lakers vs Warriors LIVE: LA Lakers vs Golden State Warriors-May 20- NBA Play In Tournament LIVE stream, Watch Online, Schedules, Date, India…

Lakers vs Warriors LIVE: LA Lakers vs Golden State Warriors-May 20- NBA Play In Tournament LIVE stream, Watch Online, Schedules, Date, India time, NBA Live Score, Result Updates, Standings, Scores: Lakers win 103-100, will face Phoenix Suns in NBA Playoffs 2021

Lakers vs Warriors Quarter 4

Common foul here. LeBron will shoot 2 FT’s with 2:07 to play and LAL down 1.

LeBron James had a collision with Draymond Green and the Lakers star is down. This does not look good for the Lakers.

The Lakers have looked fatigued the last 2 minutes here. Relying on Schroder trying to break down the defense 1-on-1.

Again, they expended a ton of energy erasing that 13-point halftime deficit.

GSW up 98-95 with 3:08 to play.

Schroder, Caruso, KCP, LeBron and AD with 4:43 to play. Tie game.

LAL exerted tremendous energy to get back into this game. All tied with 5:30 left. We’ll see what they have in the tank.

We know how much Frank Vogel trusts Caruso from his Game 6 start in the Finals last season.

He checks in for Matthews – who was terrific – with 5:56 left and LAL up 2 after 1 of 2 FT from Schroder. LeBron will return soon.

Great play from Draymond Green to deny Davis a layup as Schroder tried to find him with a bounce pass, and Wiggins scored in transition to cut LAL’s lead to 1.

It’s 90-89, LAL, with 6:24 to play.

The Lakers lead is reduced to 5 with 6:55 left. 90-85.

LeBron getting going. It’s an 8-0 run, and he’s up to 18 points, 9 boards, and 9 assists. LAL lead 85-79 with GSW challenging a charge call on Toscano-Anderson (LeBron drew it).

Wiggins was able to move Schroder on switches … couldn’t budge Matthews, though, and he was way short on a pull-up 2.

Minutes so far, with 10:23 left:

Davis: 31
Draymond: 31
Steph: 30
LeBron: 26

LeBron would typically get at least one more brief rest (2-3 minutes), but Vogel said they’re trying to win the game, period, so we’ll see.

Steve Kerr certainly wouldn’t have expected AD to start the period … now, after a 6-0 Lakers run that has them up 83-79, Curry will likely return at the 10:23 mark.

Lakers vs Warriors Quarter 3

Kuzma isn’t forcing anything, is just making the right play, and is a +4 in his 14 minutes. Has 5 boards, 3 assists and 4 points on 2 of 4 FG’s.

LeBron made eye contact with Kuz, motioned with a little flick of his head to cut, and fed the cutting Kuzma for a backdoor layup.

Quick 4-0 LAL run, and they’re back within 4 at 74-70.

LAL finally got AD a touch near the rim, and he converted an and-1 over Toscano-Anderson and a helping Bazemore to backup a quick 3 from Matthews.

LAL trail 72-66 after a 6-0 run.

First Wesley Matthews minutes of the night. He’s the 10th Laker in.

GSW has been running a tight 8-man rotation for a few weeks.

Warriors got a pair of jumpers to fall, a long-contested 2 from Wiggins, and an open 3 from Bazemore (now 3 for 4 from 3) to counter LAL’s big run.

The deficit is 7 at the 6:46 mark, but this has been much better from the Lakers.

Schroder made contact with Curry’s legs on a 3. That’ll snap LAL’s 14-2 push with 3 made FT’s.

The 13-point halftime deficit is down to 1 after a top-of-the-key 3 from Schroder. Defense and turnovers are getting them running.

KCP continues to excel tonight, with a contested layup, a steal, and a pair of FT’s.

LAL down 57-53. He leads LAL’s starters with 10 points, trailing only Caruso (12).

Lakers go on a 7-0 run to start the 3rd Quarter.

Strong start to the half now as Drummond/LeBron stopped Green in the paint, and LeBron went bursting through GSW’s transition defense (Wiggins/Bazemore) for an and-1.

It’s a 6-0 run with a FT coming after Steve Kerr’s time out. 55-48 at the moment.

LeBron had Looney in between him and the bucket and pulled up for a short jumper, instead of taking it to the rim. LAL got a quick turnover, however, and Schroder earned a trip back to the FT line for a quick 4-0 personal run.

LAL gets a stop, and 2 Schroder FT’s to start the 3rd Q. 55-44.

Lakers vs Warriors Quarter 2

LeBron: 1 for 7; AD: 2 for 12; Schroder: 1 for 9.

Steph Curry buried a highly-contested step-back 3 at the 2nd Q buzzer to put GSW up 55-42 heading into the half.

LAL really struggled to find any offensive rhythm. Green was all over the far-out AD post-ups, and LeBron, with the sore ankle, was atypically 1 for 5 in the paint.

LAL trail by 12, their biggest deficit thus far, after the Warriors got a pair of 3’s from Curry, then one from Poole, with 1:57 left in the 2nd.

Warriors are now 8 for 20 from 3.

LAL are 13 of 43 overall, and 5 for 17 from 3.

Anthony Davis got called for an offensive foul with Draymond Green waiting on him in transition.

Davis had subsequent words for Jordan Poole, and they drew matching technicals.

Davis has been out on the perimeter all half. Very few touches inside and only 2 of his 9 attempts have come in the paint. He’s 1 for 9.

GSW scored B2B buckets here to take a 35-26 lead at the 7:36 mark of the 2nd Q, a 7-4 run with Steph and Draymond on the bench.

Lakers continue to struggle offensively, shooting just 8 for 31 (25.8%), including 2 for 7 to start the 2nd Q.

THT’s first minutes come to start the 4th Q. He’s the 9th Laker to get minutes, and his first possession was a steal on defense, followed by a 3 on offense.

LAL trail 28-22 after 12 minutes here. GSW had a fast start, leading by as many as 11 before the Lakers picked it up.

LeBron, AD, and Schroder combined to go just 2 for 17, and as a team, LAL shot just 29.2%, compared to GSW’s 45.5%.

Lakers vs Warriors Quarter 1

Davis is 0 for 5, and LeBron 1 for 4, and yet LAL trails by only 1 at 20-19 at the 2:13 mark. Their defense has really picked up after an early hot streak from GSW’s wings.

KCP + Caruso have combined for 11 points.

Montrezl Harrell gets first crack at backup C, which is true to Vogel’s form, since GSW’s 2nd unit is small. Marc Gasol gets the call first against bigger backup 5’s.

KCP, who’s been in a nice rhythm for a while now, opens 2 for 2 from 3, getting LAL within 4 at 17-13 despite the slow start.

He was very steady throughout their bubble run last season, and just posted the 10th best 3-point shooting season in Lakers history (41.0%).

GSW was the early aggressor here, but LAL has started to match in the last few minutes. Rotations have been crisper.

Caruso is the first sub off the bench, for Schroder, at the 5:12 mark.

Draymond moves to the 5 at the 5:56 mark, after a 5-0 LAL run (KCP 3, 2 LeBron FT’s) as Looney sits.

LAL still with starters in, down 15-9.

Lakers vs Warriors LIVE: Bazemore is hitting 40.8% from 3 this season and starts 2 for 2 tonight, helping GSW take a 12-4 lead into the first time out.

LAL is overplaying Steph and has yet to give him an open shot, but Wiggins, Bazemore, and Looney are a combined 5 for 7.

A strong start from the Warriors, who convert 4 of 5 FG’s, compared to LAL’s 1 of 6, to open a 9-2 lead after 3 minutes of action.

Wiggins on LeBron, Green on Davis to start. Bazemore on Schroder, Steph on KCP. Looney on Drummond.

Schroder opens on Steph on the other end. LeBron on Bazemore. KCP on Wiggins.

It’s classic Lakers gold for the home team, and GSW in their navy blue, orange and yellow accented Oakland jerseys.

Lakers vs Warriors Starting 5 and Pre-Game Updates

Steve Kerr on the Lakers defense on Curry, which he called more of a soft trap: “Defensively they don’t have to commit to a blitz, but they can still cover a lot of ground with all those big bodies … there’s a resaon that they’re the No. 1 defense in the league.

Steve Kerr on LeBron James:

There is no bigger challenge in basketball than trying to beat LeBron.

Kerr added that LeBron is not only one of the all-time great players, but one of the all-time smart players: “He’s a brilliant mind as well as the greatest athlete on the planet.

Vogel has a lot of flexibility at the 5, of course. Starts big w/Drummond and his presence in the paint. Can go to Gasol as a space 5/defensive anchor. Can bring Trezl in to punish small backup bigs. And he’ll go to Davis at the 5, which is traditionally his best lineup.

Lakers vs Warriors LIVE: From a health standpoint, Frank Vogel said the Lakers are “good to go,” with everybody available.

Will be the expected starting lineup. Vogel has a script for how he wants to use the center position (big vs. small, etc.) but they can adjust quickly based on how game is going.

Kyle Kuzma said the biggest thing for him offensively when he’s in and AD is at the 5 is spacing. Allowing AD and LeBron room to maneuver that’s tough for defenses to handle.

Defensively, it’s standard attention to concepts and attentiveness.

Frank Vogel said the biggest difference between GSW when LAL played them a few months ago and today is how much more aggressive Steph Curry is playing. That’s what’s driven their recent success, and Curry’s teammates have all leaned into it.

Curry vs. LAL (3 games – Jan., Feb., and March):
23.0 PPG, 42.3% FG’s, 34.6% 3’s, 3.0 3PM, 8.7 3PA, 94.1% FT’s, 5.3 APG, 2.7 RPG, 2.3 SPG, 30.3 MPG

(Uber aggressive) Curry in May:
36.8 PPG, 45.2% FG’s, 39.3% 3’s, 6.6 3PM, 16.9 3PA, 89.5% FT’s, 5.6 APG, 5.1 RPG, 1.4 SPG, 34.6 MPG

After the end of the regular season, the seventh-seeded Lakers and LeBron James will host the No. 8 Golden State and Stephen Curry.

LeBron James and Stephen Curry have played 22 playoff games against one another throughout their Hall of Fame careers. Each of them came in the NBA Finals.

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NBA Standings: NBA Play-In Tournament Live

Match Details: LA Lakers vs Golden State Warriors

Time: 07:30 A.M. (IST)

Date: 20-05-2021

Venue: Staples Center, Los Angeles

Stephen Curry has returned to MVP form - Sports Illustrated

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