Knicks vs Hawks in NBA Playoffs Scores: Hawks move to next round to face 76ers, defeat Knicks 103-89

Knicks vs Hawks Live Game 5 in NBA Playoffs: New York Knicks vs Atlanta Hawks- 3rd June NBA LIVE stream, watch online, Schedules, Date, India time, Live Link, Scores: Hawks move to next round to face 76ers, defeat Knicks 103-89

The winner of this series will play against the Philadelphia 76ers

Knicks vs Hawks Quarter 4

Obi Toppin goes baseline and drops in a little floater to cut it to single digits and force a hawks timeout. Still, a lot of work left to do, but at least a little bit of hope for the knicks after that awful third quarter

74-62 Hawks at the end of the third quarter. knicks shoot 5-18 from the field in the quarter and have fallen way behind. Hawks one quarter away from winning their first playoff series since 2016

Knicks vs Hawks Quarter 3

The Knicks have more turnovers than baskets in the third quarter and are now down by 16. this one feels like it might be over. Just hard to see how the knicks find the offense to make up this kind of deficit.

Reggie Miller has been pointing it out on the broadcast, and it’s true. When Randle just makes a move and does something decisive, he’s so much better than when it’s jab steps and pump fakes.

Clint Capela gets wide open under the basket for an easy layup to put the Hawks up by seven, and Tom Thibodeau calls timeout. not pleased with how the knicks have started the second half.

Trae Young hits a technical free throw and we’re underway with the start of the second half.

Knicks vs Hawks Quarter 2

Flagrant foul penalty one on Gibson. Fair to upgrade that foul, but a little surprising they decided to make that a flagrant after calling Randle’s elbow a common foul earlier in the game

Trae Young gets into the lane for an easy floater in the pick and roll. not sure why the hawks have gotten away from that a bit tonight.

The Hawks are 1-14 from three and only down by one. They have to feel pretty good about that. hard to imagine they’ll keep shooting so poorly

Knicks vs Hawks Quarter 1

21-21 at the end of the first quarter. A dunk by Okongwu waived off for coming after the buzzer. Trae Young has five points and four assists but is 2-8 from the field. hawks are 1-11 from three-point land. Julius Randle and Reggie bullock have 19 of the knicks’ 21 points

They do call a foul on Randle, but it’s just going to be a common foul. probably a break for the knicks there, easily could have been flagrant given some of the calls we’ve seen in the playoffs

Julius Randle just rocked Okongwu with an elbow. he grabbed a rebound in a scrum and was trying to clear some space but swung his arms and made some inadvertent contact with Okongwu. Refs reviewing now and it will probably be called a flagrant

Randle just had a look at a wide-open three and hesitated for a few seconds before eventually taking a step back. he’s all out of sorts

15-10 Hawks as we go to the first timeout. The Knicks really struggling to get anything going outside of a few threes from Reggie Bullock. Hawks having a much easier time on the offensive end, which has been the case all series

Julius Randle gets to the free-throw line and throws down a dunk on the putback in transition. we’ll see if some easy buckets can help get him going.

Trae Young gets into the lane out of the pick and roll and tosses up the lob to Capela, then makes a floater. knicks have had no answer for that all series long.

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Match Details: New York Knicks vs Atlanta Hawks

Time: 5:00 AM IST

Date: 03-06-2021

Venue: Maddison Square Garden, New York

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