IPL 2020 : BCCI president says, ‘Ahmedabad also being explored, overseas very expensive’

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‘Taking the Indian Premier League (IPL 2020) season outside India will be too expensive for everyone’, this is what birthday man and BCCI president Sourav Ganguly has to say on speculations of moving IPL 2020 to foreign locations. In an interview with India Today’s Inspiration show, Ganguly cleared the air on whether IPL 2020 will be taken overseas or will it be played in India ? 

First is whether we can (play the IPL) within the time frame because IPL has limited windows.

Secondly, Will it be in India or not. If it’s not then we think of going out, but where. Because going out becomes very expensive for the board, the franchises because of the currency conversion rates. 

So we are monitoring it and we are very keen to host it. We have our fingers crossed, we don’t want the year 2020 to finish without an IPL,” said Ganguly to India Today. 

IPL 2020 : How & Where IPL 2020 will be hosted ? Check out what BCCI President has to say ? 
Such is the situation currently that despite of all the efforts of Ganguly and the team, still no one can say with certainty when and where IPL 2020 will take place. UAE, Sri Lanka and now NewZealand have come forward to and offered to host the IPL season in case there are logistical issues in India. But Ganguly declared all the options still stay as options as BCCI still does not have clarity how and where IPL 2020 will be hosted.
Meanwhile, BCCI president also declared that the board is also keen on Ahmedabad with its new stadium but they are not still sure if that will materialize. 

“We keep hearing different things from the media but till actually its officially not told to the board members and the countries, you don’t know what is happening. But we want to host it, our first priority is India. Whatever time we get, even if we get 35-40 days we will host it.

“If it doesn’t happen in India because of Covid-19 because places like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai these are big teams in the IPL and at this stage, I don’t think you can put your hand on heart and say that cricket will happen in these places.

“We were keen to go to Ahmedabad to see the new stadium but I don’t know if we will be able to go there or not.
It’s not easy at the moment to say that we are going to host it in India”, 
said Ganguly in a freewheeling interview. 

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Get Ready IPL 2020, T20 World Cup set to be postponed this week
InsideSport earlier reported yesterday that after weeks of speculation, T20 World Cup in Australia will be officially postponed this week. The International Cricket Council (ICC) along with Cricket Australia (CA) will officially announce the decision this week after delaying the inevitable since the last few weeks.
“The T20 World Cup will be postponed this week. ICC is not left with any other option now. It’s unfortunate but seeing the situation with Covid19 this we all believe is the rights decision”, said one of the board representative to ICC.
Earlier on 30th June InsideSport had told its readers, as the cases in the state of Victoria has seen escalation even the remotest of hopes to host the T20 World Cup got over. This led to AFL and NRL matches being moved out from Victoria to other states. And the development led ICC to throw in towel and finally decide that the T20 World Cup in Australia in 2020 is not possible.
The official announcement in this regard can be done anytime before end of this week.