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New State Mobile January update brings new weather, “TROI Twilight”, know more

New State Mobile January update brings new weather, “TROI Twilight”, know more

Krafton set to release New State Mobile January update later today. The update will bring new weather TROI Twilight.

Krafton is set to release the January Update of New State Mobile on Thursday. The update will bring a lot of new features to the game. But more importantly, the update will bring a new weather TROI Twilight.

New weather, TROI Twilight added

  • A red glow descends on TROI. The battle for survival begins in the crimson battlefield.
  • An exclusive weather type for TROI, “TROI Twilight,” will make your combat experience even more intriguing under a crimson sky.
  • There is a chance that TROI Twilight will appear when you play in TROI.
    • The chance of TROI Twilight appearing will be increased right after the update, and its occurrence rate will be adjusted based on gameplay data.
  • If you win under the red sky, you will gain a special additional 50% tier point bonus.
    • However, you will lose 20% more tier points than normal if you lose, so play carefully.

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