Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Fortnite x Stranger Things: New leaks suggest Eleven might soon be a skin in Fortnite

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Fortnite x Stranger Things: New leaks suggest Eleven might soon be a skin in Fortnite– Fortnite and Stranger Things collaboration is nothing new for loopers. The event was quite successful as loopers loved exploring the island with the spooky set of cosmetics. The impeccable success of the collaboration raised a query: when will Fortnite collaborate with Stranger Things again. According to recent leaks, the collaboration is quite near. If everything goes according to plan then gamers will be able to see it in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. For more news regarding Fortnite collaborations follow InsideSport.IN

Fortnite’s collaboration with popular cultural elements is quite well known in the community. Epic Games has collaborated with some of the biggest names such as NBA, NFL, DC, MCU, and other popular shows including Stranger Things. Since a new Stranger Things collaboration was rumored, the community is eager to learn what new aspects they can expect in the game. This article will reveal the news that has been uncovered so far.

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Fortnite x Stranger Things: Eleven skin in Fortnite is most likely to arrive in Chapter 3 Season 3

According to popular data miner FNBRintel, there is an encrypted set within the in-game files. This encrypted file is called WaffleWarrior. The strange name of the file is enough to startle gamers. However, it has been pointed out that the character Eleven from the Stranger Things series only consumes waffles. Therefore,  data miners believe that the another Fortnite x Stranger Things collaboration is set to take place which will bring the Eleven skin to the game.

It seems that the resemblance between the filename and the collaboration is far stretched. But as of now, it is the only plausible explanation that is available for such an encrypted set.

Loopers should note that the trailer for Stranger Things Volume 2 dropped a few days ago. The show is expected to release on July 1. It is highly likely that the Fortnite x Stranger Things collaboration will also drop around the same time.

Developers Epic Games is yet to give a statement regarding the recent rumors. Data miners have also been unable to reveal if Eleven skin is coming all by itself or if there will be other items. As per the trends, Epic Games will surely bring out a few more items for the collaboration. However, gamers are advised to wait for further leaks to get the confirmed news.

For more news regarding Fortnite collaborations follow InsideSport.IN

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