The amazing life and tales of professional poker players

Poker was once just a game between friends, where the players could engage leisurely in a few hands of poker sport and…

The amazing life and tales of professional poker players - InsideSport

Poker was once just a game between friends, where the players could engage leisurely in a few hands of poker sport and earn a few bucks.

Now, poker has become professional, intense and more competitive in nature than a mere fun game. It has become the meal ticket and a pretty fabulous one at that for many a top poker professionals across the globe.

Professional online poker players make a living through their skill, hard work and expertise at the trickiest card game out there. These players have elevated the status of poker from just a game to a sport that can pay big. Here are the lavish lives of top poker players around the world.

Daniel Negreanu

Nationality: Canadian

Age: 43

Net Worth: $34, 333, 814

Negreanu discovered his affinity to the sport at the age of 16 when he won several poker games at local casinos. At 21, he moved to Las Vegas to play with the high rollers. In 1998, he won $169,460 at the $2,000 Pot Limit Hold ‘Em event at the World Series of Poker, becoming the youngest man to win the title. Since then, he has won 6 World Series of Poker (WSOP) tournaments and 2 World Poker Tour (WPT) titles. He was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in 2014. He has appeared in films including X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Grand and Lucky You. He has also appeared in TV series Tilt, which is based on Poker. He has written 4 books including Power Hold’em Strategy, Hold’em Wisdom for All Players, More Hold’Em Wisdom For All Players and Superstar Hold’Em Strategy. He is also featured in his own video game, Stacked with Daniel Negreanu.

Phil Helmuth

Nationality: American

Age: 54

Net Worth: $21,980,128

Helmuth lives in Palo Alto, California with his wife and two kids. His first professional poker win was at the 1998 WSOP where he came in the 33rd place. He has since won 14 WSOP Bracelets which is a world record. Most recently, he won the 14th World Series of Poker bracelet in the $10,000 Seven-Card Razz event, earning $271,105. Helmuth has appeared in several seasons of High Stakes Poker. He created the software for High Limited Bet, a Poker Based mobile game. He is a poker coach on TV show Best Damn Poker Show. Helmuth’s family also owns a publishing house, Phil’s House Publishing, which has published popular book Deal Me In: 20 Of The World’s Top Poker Players Share The Heartbreaking and Inspiring Stories of How They Turned Pro. He has won more than most pro-players but is still known to have a temperamental reaction to losing, earning him the nickname Poker Brat. His autobiography, Poker Brat, came out in 2017. As of now, he has his own clothing line, publishing company, poker game company and even a Real Estate Company.

Phil Ivey

Nationality: American

Age: 40

Net Worth: $23,856,033

Phil Ivey first started playing pro poker in Atlantic City using a fake ID. He has now won ten World Series of Poker bracelets, one WPT title, and appeared at nine WPT final tables. Most recently, he won the $1,500 Eight-Game Mix at the 2014 WSOP. He has played on televised poker events including Poker After Dark and National Heads-Up Poker Championship. Apart from a poker player, Ivey is also an established entrepreneur. He launched ‘Ivey Poker’, a free poker app, in 2012. In 2014, he also launched ‘Ivey League’ which is a poker coaching app. Famous poker champions including Chris Kruk, Patrik Antonius, and Cole South are coaches on the app. Currently, Ivey lives in Las Vegas where he owns luxurious 2 storeyed mansion, luxury cars like Ferrari and Rolls Royce and a private jet.

Antonio Esfandiary

Nationality: Iranian

Age: 38

Net Worth: $27,614,381

Antonio is Number 14 on the Global Poker Index and has won two WPT championships and three WSOP bracelets. He won $1.4 million at his first WPT championship in 2004. Most recently, he won €126,207 at the €1,100 No Limit Hold’em of the 2014 WSOP. He has appeared in multiple TV shows including I Bet You, Poker After Dark and Entourage. He appeared on the Discovery Channel show ‘Underground Poker’ with fellow player Phil Laak. He currently resides in California with his wife and son. He attends tournaments, does endorsements and Tv shows. In 2017, he and his wife bought a home in Venice listed for $3.425 million.

Stephen Chidwick

Nationality: English

Age: 27 years

Net Worth: $11,000,000

Stephen Chidwick plays under the name stevie444 since he was a 16-year-old rookie. Today, he is at the number 2 spot on the Global Poker Index. He has been a part of prestigious tournaments including the PokerStars Championship, US Poker Open and Triton Open High Roller Series. His most recent win was at the 2018 Aria 10k-O5 No-Limit Hold’em championship where he bagged 2nd place and $78,400. He won the inaugural US Poker Open to cash in on $1,256,600. He is from Kent, England but currently resides in Mexico with fiancée Marine Jouaillec who is also a pro-poker player.

Each of these Pro-Players have taken to the sport as a hobby, playing with their friends or at a casino. None of them knew that they would be swimming in cash years later. Online poker is legal in India and easy to learn.

Those consider themselves lucky and skilled at the game can take their skills to the professional level while enjoying the sport in the process of polishing their skills. That is the way the future generation of Phil Iveyies or Daniel Negreanus of this sport will emerge. It can be anyone.

Some Tips To Start Poker Career as a Pro

You are probably really excited about playing poker by now. You should be. But how can you start playing poker and make some money? Well, just follow these simple tips

  • Learn the poker game – Make sure you are familiar with all the rules of the different kind of variations of poker
  • Practice – Practice is the key to perfection. This rule applies to poker as well
  • Do the math – Poker is a game of probabilities. Learning the math behind poker will give you an advantage
  • Play with virtual money – Before you play with real money, it is best to play with virtual money. You can start playing Free Roll Games and then try your hands on Cash or Tournament Tables.

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