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PUBG Mobile removed 229,000 Cheaters to Keep Battlegrounds Clean, check details

PUBG Mobile removed 229,000 Cheaters to Keep Battlegrounds Clean, check details

Level Infinite, the publisher of PUBG Mobile always works towards better Anti-cheat system to provide the fair game environment to players.

The battlegrounds of PUBG Mobile just witnessed recent ban wave. PUBG Mobile anti-cheat purges the ranks of cheaters in an unprecedented wave of bans. From January 12th to 18th, the Anti-cheat system banned 229,142 accounts and 4,899 devices. This ban wave contains permanent bans not the temporary bans.

Fair play reigns supreme in the battlegrounds of PUBGM. For those tempted to resort to aimbots, wallhacks, and other nefarious tricks, the consequences are as stark as they are immediate. Permanent bans robs them not only of access to the game but also the vibrant community.

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The fight against cheating isn’t just about bans. It’s about fostering a culture of respect and sportsmanship, where players value the thrill of genuine competition over the hollow validation of ill-gotten victories. It’s about celebrating skill, teamwork, and strategic brilliance, not the exploits of those who seek to undermine these very values.

The latest #BanPan report is a wake-up call, not just for the cheaters but for the entire PUBG Mobile community. It’s a call to arms, a rallying cry for all players to uphold the principles of fair play and defend the integrity of the game they love.

Players are keep reporting suspicious activity. With this, players can collectively push back against the tide of cheating and ensure that the battlegrounds of PUBG Mobile remain a haven for fair, exhilarating competition.


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