Star’s IPL bid among top 10 media rights deal in sports

Indian Premier League media rights bid on Monday unexpectedly did not just set a global record for the highest broadcast record in cricket, it has also consolidated IPL’s position on the top ten most valued sports media rights chart.

IPL with a composite bid value of INR 16,347.5 crore ($2.55 billion) not stands at N. 7 among the most precious media rights properties globally.

Star India won the consolidated bid for global rights of the biggest cricketing property, IPL and has put it on the world map in terms of biggest broadcast deals. The deals show that the broadcasters nowadays are not afraid to spend big and securing deals of major sports competitions.

While IPL joins the major sports around the world that have been able to get massive cash injections through lucrative domestic and overseas broadcast deals, it still remains way behind the major American and European sports.

American sports like NFL, NBA and MLB lead the way in largest TV deals ever signed in the world while the recent trend in European football has put them at almost the same level as major American sports. takes a look at some of the largest sports TV deals currently active: