PMPL South Asia Season 4 Super Weekend 1 Day 2 Results and Overall Standings

PMPL South Asia Season 4

PMPL South Asia Season 4: PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular battle royale game available for mobile devices. Professional players from all over the world participates in the PUBG Mobile Pro League tournament which is divided into separate region-wise tournaments. The PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia Season 4 is already underway and the biggest teams from South Asia are competing against each other. The top 16 teams on each weekday’s game will be eligible to play the Super Weekend matches from Friday to Sunday. The PMPL South Asia Season 4 finals will be decided by the team standings after the Super Weekend.

PMPL South Asia Season 4PMPL South Asia Season 4 Super Weekend 1 Day 2 participating teams:

  • i8 Esports
  • Deadeyes Guys
  • Bablu x Clarity Esports
  • Trained to Kill
  • SEAL eSports
  • VIBES Esports
  • High Voltage
  • Stalwart Esports
  • ZEUS eSports
  • DRS Gaming
  • FutureStation 1952
  • Paradox
  • Ruthless Aggressive Warriors
  • S9 Esports
  • A1 eSports
  • Wizzes with vibes

PMPL South Asia Season 4 Super Weekend 1 Day 2 Match Summary:

Erangel – Round 1

Round 1 started with a bang as team Trained to kill bags the first chicken dinner of the day with i8 esports and FS 1952 taking the second and third place respectively.

Miramar – Round 2

Team trained to kill again shined in the second round and bagged another chicken dinner. While Ruthless Aggressive Warriors (RAW) took the second place and SEAL esports settled for the third place.

Erangel – Round 3

An action packed third round ended with team High Voltage claiming the chicken dinner. BB x CL and A1 esports took the second and third place respectively.

Sanhok – Round 4

After struggling a bit in the previous round team Wizzes with vibes (WzV) finally got their breakthrough with a chicken dinner. Trained to kill managed to claim the third place and Zeus esports finished in the second place.

Erangel – Round 5

The fifth round was totally dominated by Stalwart esports as they claimed their first chicken dinner. Deadeyes Guys and RAW settled for the second and third place.

PMPL South Asia Season 4 Super Weekend 1 Day 2 Overall Standings and points:

  • i8 Esports – 97
  • Deadeyes Guys – 94
  • Bablu x Clarity Esports – 91
  • Trained to Kill – 90
  • SEAL eSports – 87
  • VIBES Esports – 85
  • High Voltage – 83
  • Stalwart Esports – 81
  • ZEUS eSports – 76
  • DRS Gaming – 73
  • FutureStation 1952 – 59
  • Paradox – 58
  • Ruthless Aggressive Warriors – 58
  • S9 Esports – 58
  • A1 eSports – 54
  • Wizzes with vibes – 53

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