EURO 2020 Groups: All you need to know about EURO 2020 Groups

EURO 2020 Groups: All you need to know about EURO 2020 Groups: Denmark’s Euro 2020 fairytale continued with a tense 2-1 win…

EURO 2020 Groups: All you need to know about EURO 2020 Groups: Denmark’s Euro 2020 fairytale continued with a tense 2-1 win over Czech Republic to reach the semifinals on Saturday. Thomas Delaney and Kasper Dolberg scored in the first half as Denmark progressed into the last four for the first time since they won the tournament in 1992.

In the other last quarterfinal match, England cruised into the semifinals at Euro 2020 with a 4-0 victory over Ukraine in Rome on Saturday.

Harry Kane scored twice and Harry Maguire and Jordan Henderson added one apiece as Gareth Southgate’s side proved much too strong for the surprising quarterfinalists at the Stadio Olimpico.

This will be the first time in the 60 years history of the tournament that European Championship will be played in multiple cities. Along with the defending champions Portugal, 24 best teams of Europe will be seen in action from 11th June at 12.30 IST.

EURO 2020 Groups: 24 top European teams have been divided into 6 groups

Group A (Rome/Baku): Turkey, Italy (hosts), Wales, Switzerland
Group B (Copenhagen/St Petersburg):Denmark (hosts), Finland, Belgium, Russia (hosts)
Group C (Amsterdam/Bucharest):Netherlands (hosts), Ukraine, Austria, North Macedonia
Group D (London/Glasgow):England (hosts), Croatia, Scotland (hosts), Czech Republic
Group E (Seville/St Petersburg): Spain (hosts), Sweden, Poland, Slovakia
Group F (Munich/Budapest): Hungary (hosts), Portugal (holders), France, Germany (hosts)
EURO 2020 – The host cities: The host cities for the Euro 2020 are London, Seville, Glasgow, Copenhagen, Budapest, Amsterdam, Bucharest, Rome, Munich, Baku and Saint Petersburg

EURO 2020 Full Schedule & Match Results: Here is the complete list of fixtures and schedule of the Euro 2020.

Group stage fixtures are as follows (All timings are in IST)

June 12, Saturday 

Group A: Turkey vs Italy (12:30 am, Rome); Italy won 3-0

Group A: Wales vs Switzerland (6:30 pm, Baku); Wales 1-1 Switzerland

Group B: Denmark vs Finland (9:30pm, Copenhagen); Finland won 1-0

June 13, Sunday 

Group B: Belgium vs Russia (12:30 am, St Petersburg); Belgium won 3-0

Group D: England vs Croatia (6:30 pm, London); England won 1-0

Group C: Austria vs North Macedonia (9:30 pm, Bucharest); Austria won 3-1

June 14, Monday 

Group C: Netherlands vs Ukraine (12:30 am, Amsterdam); Netherlands won 3-2

Group D: Scotland vs Czech Republic (6:30 pm, Glasgow); Czech Republic won 2-0

Group E: Poland vs Slovakia (9:30 pm, St Petersburg); Slovakia won 2-1

June 15, Tuesday

Group E: Spain vs Sweden (12:30 am, Seville); Spain 1-1 Sweden

Group F: Hungary vs Portugal (9:30 pm, Budapest); Hungary 0-3 Portugal

June 16, Wednesday

Group F: France vs Germany (12:30 am, Munich); France 1-0 Germany

Group B: Finland vs Russia (6:30 pm, St Petersburg); Finland 0-1 Russia

Group A: Turkey vs Wales (9:30 pm, Baku); Turkey 0-2 Wales

June 17, Thursday 

Group A: Italy vs Switzerland (12:30 am, Rome); Italy 3-0 Switzerland

Group C: Ukraine vs North Macedonia (6:30 pm, Bucharest); Ukraine won 2-1

Group B: Denmark vs Belgium (9:30 pm, Copenhagen); Belgium won 2-1

June 18, Friday

Group C: Netherlands vs Austria (12:30 am, Amsterdam); Netherlands won 2-0

Group E: Sweden vs Slovakia (6:30 pm, St Petersburg); Sweden won 1-0

Group D: Croatia vs Czech Republic (9:30 pm, Glasgow); Croatia 1-1 Slovakia

June 19, Saturday

Group D: England vs Scotland (12:30 am, London); England 0-0 Scotland

Group F: Hungary vs France (6:30 am, Budapest); Hungary 1-1 France

Group F: Portugal vs Germany (9:30 am, Munich); Portugal 2-4 Germany

June 20, Sunday 

Group E: Spain vs Poland (12:30 am, Seville); Spain 1-1 Poland

Group A: Italy vs Wales (6:30 pm, Rome); Italy won 1-0

Group A: Switzerland vs Turkey (9:30 pm, Baku); Switzerland won 3-1

June 21, Monday

Group C: North Macedonia vs Netherlands (9:30 pm, Amsterdam); Netherlands won 3-0

Group C: Ukraine vs Austria (9:30 pm, Bucharest); Austria won 1-0

June 22, Tuesday

Group B: Russia vs Denmark (12:30 am, Copenhagen); Denmark won 4-1

Group B: Finland vs Belgium (12:30 am, St Petersburg); Belgium won 2-0

June 23, Wednesday

Group D: Czech Republic vs England (12:30 am, London); England won 1-0

Group D: Croatia vs Scotland (12:30 am, Glasgow); Croatia won 3-1

Group E: Slovakia vs Spain (9:30 pm, Seville); Spain won 5-0

Group E: Sweden vs Poland (9:30 pm, St Petersburg); Sweden won 3-2

June 24, Thursday

Group F: Germany vs Hungary (12:30 am, Munich); Germany 2-2 Hungary

Group F: Portugal v France (12:30 am, Budapest); Portugal 2-2 France

The top two teams in each group and the four best third-placed teams will go through to the round of 16. The teams will have a rest day on June 25. 

Round of 16

June 26, Saturday

Wales vs Denmark (9:30 pm, Amsterdam); Wales won 4-0

June 27, Sunday 

Italy vs Austria (12:30 am, London); Italy won 2-1

Netherlands vs Czech Republic (9:30 pm, Budapest); Czech Republic won 2-0

June 28, Monday 

Belgium vs Portugal (12:30 am, Seville); Belgium won 1-0

Croatia vs Spain (21:30 pm, Copenhagen); Spain won 5-3

June 29, Tuesday 

France vs Switzerland (12:30 am, Bucharest); France 3-3 Switzerland (SWI won 5-4 on PEN)

England vs Germany (21:30 pm, London): England won 2-0

June 30, Wednesday

Sweden vs Ukraine (12:30 am, Glasgow); Ukraine won 2-1

All the winners will progress to the quarterfinals. The teams will have a rest day on July 1.


July 2, Friday 

QF1: Switzerland vs Spain (9:30 pm, St Petersburg); 1-1, Spain won on penalties (3-1)

July 3, Saturday 

QF2: Belgium vs Italy (12:30 am, Munich); Italy won 2-1

QF3: Czech Republic vs Denmark (21:30 pm, Baku); Denmark won 2-1

July 4, Sunday

QF4: Ukraine vs England (12:30 am, Rome); England won 4-0

The winners from the last-eight stage will advance to the semifinals. The teams will have rest days on July 5 and 6.


July 7, Wednesday 

SF1: Winner QF2 vs Winner QF1 (12:30 am, London)

July 8, Thursday

SF2: Winner QF4 vs Winner QF3 (12:30 am, London)


July 12, Monday 

Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2 (12:30 am, London)

UEFA Euro 2020 Live Broadcast & Live Streaming: Euro 2020 will be live broadcasted in India on Sony Sports Network & Live Streamed on SonyLIV
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