Friday, May 20, 2022

Shahzam, Tenz, Scream, Sick and Asuna; Valorant pros react on Agent Neon Gameplay

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Riot Games debuted the newest VALORANT agent on Wednesday, following weeks of speculations and leaks. Neon is a Filipina agent who appears to be a duelist with the ability to run and use electricity. The agent may also throw up two blue walls side by side and appears to have the ability to slide cancel, according to the cinematic trailer provided by Riot. Several VALORANT professionals flocked to social media right once to share their initial opinions on Neon. Valorant pro react on neon, tenz neon, neon gameplay reaction, valorant news, neon abilities, Valorant pros Neon Gameplay, Shahzam, Scream, Sick, Asuna

Shahzam, like everyone else, is charmed with the trailer, as valorant never fails to impress with their content development. “Any Agent who likes mobility is incredibly exciting to play,” he remarked. He also stated that “no matter how she is applied, she is going to be a lot of fun to play in rank.” He did, however, go on to say:

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The reactions of Sick to her skills were funny. Being a phoenix main made him tilt when he saw Neon’s ability to double-wall while in-shot. RIP Pheonix. “Na na na, this is Overwatch, buddy, what am I watching?” he exclaimed. “It’s Jett 2.0, but instead of knives, it’s electricity,” he remarked of her ultimate. “Is riot trolling?” he added. I believe riot is trolling.

Fnatic Magnum was one of many those who were fascinated by the Sliding ability of Neon. Some Players even started to compare with COD Sliding Feature

100T Asuna was Impressed with Neon Aggressive game approach. Her Flash combined with her electrifying ult is overpowered by enemies

With his Jett plays, Tenz already seemed unbeatable. But now that he’s said that he’ll be playing Neon, it’ll be a lot of fun to see. Before Jett instalocks, perhaps someone else will get the chance to play him.

On a similar note, Team Liquid Scream also impresses with Neon Abilities and pushes it for replacing with Jett

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