Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Valorant Revelead Protocol 781-A Skins Bundle, Know Expected Release Date and Price

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Riot Games isn’t wasting any time in providing Valorant fans with plenty to look forward to as 2022 approaches. Riot Games publishes new skin packages every other week to allow players to customize their gameplay. This year, Riot Games’ cosmetics department has put on quite a show. And it doesn’t appear that they’re going to slow down anytime soon, since some data miners have already discovered VALORANT’s first skin set for 2022.

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Protocol 781-A is the name of the next skin bundle. Riot appears to be going for a terminator-inspired future look for their upcoming skin range, based on the first reveal photos.

These VALORANT skins are fascinating since they appear futuristic while also being affiliated with a firm. They’re all in red, and they look like they’re connected to KAYO in some manner. Military camo is combined with accent colors on Protocol 781-A. At first glance, it appears to be quite similar to the Recon skin bundle, which also has a military camo-inspired appearance. With this Protocol 781-A skin set, Riot takes that fundamental design a step further by adding some extra flair with a translucent finish that glows with different colors.

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Protocol 781-A Skins

The Protocol 781-A skin bundle in Valorant includes four guns and one melee weapon. Here are all the weapons in the Valorant Protocol bundle:

  • Protocol 781-A Sheriff
  • Protocol 781-A Spectre
  • Protocol 781-A Bulldog
Valorant Protocol 781-A Skins
Valorant Protocol 781-A Skins
  • Protocol 781-A Phantom
Valorant Protocol 781-A Skins
Valorant Protocol 781-A Skins
  • Protocol 781-A Knife (Melee Weapon)

The VALORANT team of Riot Games continues to produce excellent skins. Since the game’s release, it has been obvious that its goal is to provide players with a wide range of options. This is something they picked up from the League of Legends crew, as both of them release new skins every two weeks. VALORANT will continue to provide fresh skins and fantastic new themes as the company expand.

Protocol 781-A Skins Release Date and Price

That’s an excellent question, and while we don’t have an official answer, we can infer the bundle will be released on January 10th based on time. The current ranking season ends on that day, and the Run It Back 2 bundle is also set to leave on that date, so there’s little space for discussion with this one.

The actual cost of this skin set has yet to be determined. However, given the various colour options and distinct animations, this skin appears to be at least a premium tier. As a result, expect to pay roughly 1775 VP each skin and 7100 VP for the entire package.

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