PUBGM Anit-Cheating Report, 2.3 Million Accounts Banned Again

The bans continue in PUBG against cheaters, PUBG struck again banning 2.3 million accounts permanently suspended from accessing the game. The Anti-Cheat report is between 18th-24 of September, this being fourth report of the month, shows that PUBG is taking cheaters very seriously.

X-ray Vision being the top used cheat. The rank division of the hacks look like this:

The percentage of hackers in the top 3 ranks has reduced a significant amount, from previous 3% in conqueror to just a 1%.

The effect of the ban is now visible. Always report cheaters in game if you come across any, your report will not go un-noticed, PUBG team will take a look at the clip to determine if the player is a legit hacker, and ban him if he is, so its our part to report cheaters too. Be sure to use the Vide Review Station by PUBG, players will decide whether the reported gamer in the video is hacking or not. If the maximum number of responses point to the latter as guilty, the officials will review the footage for further verification. PUBG should continue down this road to clean up the game.