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Pokémon Go Rediscover Kanto event is now live, Check details

Pokémon Go Rediscover Kanto event is now live, Check details

Ninatic the publisher of Pokémon Go introduces a brand new event in the game. Read on to know more about Pokémon Go Rediscover Kanto event.

Pokémon GO just got a major visual upgrade! The world around you looks more stunning than ever, making your Pokémon catching adventures even more immersive. Check out the detailed information about Pokémon Go Rediscover Kanto event below:

The world is now divided into biomes, special environments where specific Pokémon love to hang out. Look for Bulbasaur and its evolutions in forests, hunt for Squirtle and its friends near water, and discover Charmander and its fiery family in mountainous areas. Remember, these are just their preferred spots – you might find them adventuring elsewhere during special events or seasons!

Pokémon Go Rediscover Kanto event brings bonuses

Here’s what makes this update even sweeter:

  • Level Up Faster: Earn bonus XP for spinning PokéStops and catching Pokémon for a whole week!
  • Friendship Power: Boost your friendships with other trainers even quicker by battling, trading, or sending gifts!
  • Shiny Spotlight: Keep your eyes peeled for the rare Shiny versions of Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle in their natural biomes!

Evolve with Powerful Attacks!

Evolve your Pokémon during this event and unlock exclusive attacks! Venusaur learns the devastating Frenzy Plant, Charizard breathes fire with Blast Burn, and Blastoise unleashes a Hydro Cannon attack!

Special Field Research tasks are popping up everywhere! Complete them to earn Mega Energy for Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise!

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A brand new Special Research questline is available for free to all trainers! This exciting adventure rewards you with items, XP, Stardust, and encounters with special Pokémon. The best part? You can complete it at your own pace, whenever you have time!


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