PUBG Mobile Update: Now play PUBG Mobile in India with just one click; Check out how

PUBG Mobile Update: Now play PUBG Mobile in India with just one click; Check out how: As things stand, PUBG Mobile is unplayable in the country. The government’s stance on the banned game hasn’t changed since PUBG ban was announced in September, 2020. Having said that, there are many who still play the game and many who haven’t stopped playing it even when the ban was announced on PUBG.

For players who play on the iPhone, this might just be a bleak possibility since PUBG Mobile’s APK links don’t work on iPhone but playing PUBG Mobile on an Andriod device is as easy as it can be. PUBG can be played in two possible ways.

How to download PUBG Mobile?

PUBG can be downloaded in 2 simple ways:

Option 1 for downloading PUBG:

There are many download options and APK link files from third-party apps available but could be very harmful for Android phones. However, with a VPN service, you can simply download the files from the official PUBG Mobile website. Check out some of these steps below:

  • Download a VPN and change your designated region from India to any place else (preferably a country where the game is not banned).
  • Go to PUBG Mobile’s website and download the APK Link. Please note that the game’s file is 624 MB. Players should have free storage memory.
  • Download and install the file.

Option 2 for downloading PUBG:

Players can easily download PUBG by just clicking on this link.

Please note that the game is banned in the country and playing this version of the game is illegal.  

The “new normal” for PUBG Fans?

InsideSport was able to access the game via the link. We were able to play 3-4 matches– Classic and TDM included. We just had to enter the game once with the help on VPN, after that, it was a smooth ride. The game did not stop, nor did it give us an intimation of a “Restricted Area”. However, this might not be the case for all players. Some might face the “Restricted Area” pop-up time and again.