Friday, May 20, 2022

Mobile Legends Bang Bang releases its first-ever anime-themed skins titled “The Aspirants”

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There were some clues given by the developer team that Fanny and Layla will be given new future skin for the past couple of days. Yet players were still not sure about what to expect. But with the release of the new skin series called “The Aspirants”, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has finally heard the wishes of many anime fans. The character voiceovers for these skins are done by famous voice artists. Mobile Legends New Skins, Mobile Legends Anime Skins, Mobile Legends Layla Skin, Mobile Legends Fanny Skin, Mobile Legends Bang Bang The Aspirants

Mobile Legends Bang Bang: The Aspirant skins

The anime-themed skin series is called “The Aspirants”. Currently, only the skins of Fanny and Layla have been released. The dev team had already released an event for The Aspirants a few days back where players can get an avatar border by completing the given tasks.

The two new Aspirants skins are:

  • Fanny “Blade of Kibou” and her character voice artist is Nana Mizuki (she voices Hinata in the Naruto series).
  • Layla “Miss Hikari” and her character voice artist is Yoshino Nanjo (she has voiced Awatsuki Maaya in the Certain Magical Index series).

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Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Aspirants release date

The Mobile Legends dev team has already announced that the two Aspirants skins will be available in the game on 22nd January. With the skin release, players will also be able to explore the new story that Fanny and Layla have in these avatars with each other.

Players can access and change the skin voiceovers to different languages. It can be achieved on the Skin Display screen while selecting the Aspirants skins. As per the announcement from the Mobile Legends team, players can look forward to the performance and interpretations brought by the two voice actors to these character skins.

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