GTA Online SUVs: Check out the Top 3 SUVs ideal for heists in GTA Online

GTA Online SUVs – Top 3 SUVs: Grand Theft Auto 5 has been a huge success since its release 8 years ago.…

GTA Online SUV cars
GTA Online SUVs – Top 3 SUVs: Grand Theft Auto 5 has been a huge success since its release 8 years ago. Rockstar Games continuously releases new patches and updates to keep GTA Online more dynamic for players, latest being the Los Santos Tuners update. Players can get their hands on several SUV class vehicles, which are both tough and excellent for performing heists. SUVs are fast, durable and capable of occupying multiple characters simultaneously. Here are the Top 3 SUVs that players can use to breakthrough the scene after performing heists in GTA Online:
1. Canis Crusader
GTA Online SUV carsCanis Crusader is a military class SUV vehicle in GTA Online. Players can use this four-door SUV to drive on any terrain and escape the heist spot as quickly as possible. However, the Canis Crusader has a tendency to flip over due to its high center of gravity. Players can get a hold of the Canis Crusader for $225,000 in-game currency. It also provides very good amount of resistance against bullets and police cars which help players to evade the persuit quite easily.
2. Pegassi Toros
GTA Online SUV carsPegassi Toros is a luxury SUV vehicle, which is mainly based on the real life supercar the Lamborghini Urus. It is one of the most efficient cars out there in terms of performance. Pegassi Toros boasts a recorded top speed of 127.5 mph and is a worthy addition to a player’s garage. Players have to spend $498,000 in-game currency to own the Pegassi Toros.
3. HVY Apocalypse Scarab
GTA Online SUV carsHVY Apocalypse Scarab is a lightweight and high utility tank designed for pure combat. The tank can reach a maximum speed of 120 mph and ideal for highway action. Players can perform different modifications on the vehicle such as sideway tackles and jump boosts. HVY Apocalypse Scarab is also capable to use machine guns, spikes and proximity mines. Player will need around $3, 076,290 in-game currency to buy it.
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