Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Dedicated Pokemon GO player shows us the most encountered Pokemon by trainers in 2021

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Pokemon GO has seen a resurgence in the past years as more players have flocked to the game. This can also be attributed to the developers from Niantic who have continuously pushed out events and Pokemons to keep the players engaged. As 2021 ends, Pokemon GO has already announced its plans for the next months in the new year. Most encountered pokemon 2021, Popular Pokemon Go 2021, Pokemon Go 2021,

Pokemon GO has become a mainstream game because of the dedication and love that its player base and community have towards it. Although this game does not have an esports scenario, players till flock towards it to complete their childhood dream of catching all the pokemons. One dedicated player of Pokemon GO went the extra mile to develop a statistical chart that shows his Pokemon encounters of 2021.

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Pokemon GO player organizes reveals their encountered Pokemon list for 2021

A Pokemon GO trainer with the name of ‘mertcatal’ collected and organized the data of the top 50 Pokemons that they encountered throughout the year. They posted this on the r/pokemongo subreddit with a graph that provides a clear representation of the data.

My top 50 most seen pokemons this year from pokemongo

From this graph, we can see that mertcatal encountered Eevee the most number of times in 2021, which was 409. One reason behind this can be that Eevee can be evolved into eight different types of evolution (Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon) as per the wish of the trainer. Following Eevee, Aron and Oshawatt come in second and third place for appearing 146 and 138 times near mertcatal in Pokemon GO

While this is data compiled from just a single trainer in Pokemon GO, it can still shed light on a lot of details, especially for Pokemon GO fans who take the game seriously. Mertcatal also explained that collecting and organizing this data had been a bit difficult as they had to create a new account at the beginning of 2021 to be able to manually and meticulously check the Pokédex entries and get correct numbers.

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The developers at Niantic should resolve this setting so that trainers can have a better and fair chance at getting other Pokemons too in the wild.

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