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‘We might miss flight…’ Rohit Sharma questions ICC for T20 World Cup semifinal scheduling

‘We might miss flight…’ Rohit Sharma questions ICC for T20 World Cup semifinal scheduling

There have been a lot of talks regarding India's pre-seeding to the second semifinal and reserve and non-reserve day confusion done by ICC.

Indian captain Rohit Sharma addressed the media ahead of their all-important T20 World Cup semifinal clash against England. While fielding questions about the team’s preparations, Rohit downplayed any potential advantage India might have due to the pre-determined venue in Guyana. Regardless of where India would’ve finished on the Super 8 table, the Men in Blue were already scheduled to play their semifinal in Guyana on June 27.

No advantage to India, says Rohit

I don’t see that as an advantage,” Rohit said, acknowledging that many England players likely have experience playing in Guyana. He emphasized that factors like weather conditions are beyond anyone’s control, essentially leveling the playing field when it comes to familiarity with the venue.

Concerns regarding ICC scheduling

However, Rohit did raise concerns about the ICC’s scheduling decisions. Notably, the ICC had pre-determined that the second semifinal, which India was placed in regardless of their Super 8 performance, wouldn’t have a reserve day in case of rain. This decision has been criticized for potentially impacting fairness, especially considering the importance of the match. Even foreign media accused ICC for bending ruled in favour of India.

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Rohit Sharma fears about missing flight?

Adding to the concerns, weather forecasts predict cloudy skies and rain in Guyana during the India-England match. “The only thing I’m worried about is that if the match gets delayed due to rain and goes late into the night, we might miss the charter flight,” Rohit admitted. He placed the responsibility for managing such a scenario on the ICC and the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB). Rohit emphasized that the team’s focus remains on winning the match, but this logistical complication adds unnecessary pressure to a high-stakes encounter.

The ICC’s decision not to include a reserve day for the second semifinal has drawn criticism from fans and pundits alike. With the possibility of rain looming large, Rohit Sharma’s comments highlight the potential consequences of such scheduling and raise questions about prioritizing broadcast schedules over ensuring a fair and uninterrupted competition. This has come despite India going through to the finals, in case of a washout due to them finishing higher on the Super 8 points table.


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