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Rahul Dravid soaks in T20 World Cup glory but says I don’t believe in things like redemption and legacy

Rahul Dravid soaks in T20 World Cup glory but says I don’t believe in things like redemption and legacy

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As India celebrates their World Cup win, Dravid's leadership and vision are sure to be remembered as a key part of this historic victory.

While India erupted in celebration after their T20 World Cup victory, head coach Rahul Dravid displayed a heartwarming blend of personal satisfaction and focus on his team’s achievement.

T20 World Cup

Dream come true for Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid, a legend of the game who never lifted a World Cup trophy as a player, acknowledged the emotional weight of the win. “I really have felt short of words,” he admitted, expressing immense pride in his team’s fighting spirit throughout the tournament.

He contrasted his playing career with his coaching success, highlighting the joy of finally being part of a championship team.

Redemption or Responsibility?

The Caribbean triumph could be seen as a form of redemption for Rahul Dravid, whose captaincy led to a disappointing first-round exit in the 2007 World Cup held in the same region.

However, Dravid downplayed this narrative. “There is no redemption,” he asserted, emphasizing the team’s effort and his own fortunate opportunity to coach such a talented group.

What exactly did Rahul Dravid said?

Rahul Dravid talked about legacies and redemption after T20 World Cup win.

“Firstly, there is no redemption. I am not one of those guys who thinks about redemption and those kind of things. There are a lot of other players I know who have not been able to win a trophy.

“I was lucky to be given the opportunity to coach, and I was lucky that this bunch of boys made it possible for me to be able to win a trophy and celebrate.

“Nice feeling, but it’s not like I am aiming for some redemption, it’s just a job that I was doing. I loved doing the job, I loved working with Rohit and this team. It’s been a great journey and I have really enjoyed it.”

“Just phenomenal, just lovely to be a part of a dressing room like this. It’s a memory of a lifetime for me, so I am thankful and grateful to the team and the support staff who have made this possible.”

“I am not a legacy person, I am not looking for legacies, I just feel glad that we could give our best. I think I have been lucky to have been working with an exceptionally professional bunch, intelligent bunch of coaches and other support staff who have made it possible to create a fantastic environment.

“I am glad that a bit of luck has resulted in this trophy. I couldn’t be happier for this team, and I couldn’t be happier for so many of the Indian fans who are coming out to these games.”

Rohit Sharma and Rahul Dravid: Winning Partnership

Rahul Dravid’s collaboration with captain Rohit Sharma was instrumental in fostering a successful team atmosphere. Their mutual respect shone through, with Rohit dedicating the victory to the coach. Dravid, in turn, expressed his admiration for Rohit’s leadership qualities and human character.

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Beyond T20 WC Trophy

While the World Cup trophy is a symbol of victory, Dravid highlighted the team’s two-year journey of planning and development. He emphasized the long-term vision behind building a balanced squad, culminating in this pivotal moment.

What’s next for Rahul Dravid?

With his coaching tenure ending, Rahul Dravid expressed optimism for the future of Indian cricket. He sees the current players as exceptional talents with immense potential. “They will carry this confidence forward and help Indian cricket win many more trophies,” he predicted, confident in their ability to achieve sustained success.

Dravid’s focus on the team’s journey and his genuine appreciation for his players paint a picture of a coach who prioritizes collective achievement over personal glory. As India celebrates their World Cup win, Dravid’s leadership and vision are sure to be remembered as a key part of this historic victory.


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