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How Legendary cricketer Mansoor Ali Pataudi wooed Sharmila Tagore with a prank?

How Legendary cricketer Mansoor Ali Pataudi wooed Sharmila Tagore with a prank?

Mansoor Ali Pataudi and Sharmila Tagore's love story is a fairy tale, with both deeply in love with each other.

Mansoor Ali Pataudi was a charming man with a noble presence that attracted many admirers. He fell in love with Sharmila Tagore, a popular movie star with a huge fan base. Their meeting and how Pataudi won Sharmila’s heart is a captivating tale, almost like something out of a movie. Their love story, featuring the former Indian captain, is truly remarkable.

Pataudi-Sharmila love story begins

Sharmila revealed on “Kon Banega Crorepati 15” show about her first meeting with the former captain of the Indian cricket team, she said that it happened during a cricket party in Kolkata.

This meeting marked the beginning of their blossoming romance, one of which being the phone call Sharmila made to Tiger to congratulate him on an outstanding performance in a cricket match.

“We had planned to attend ‘Waqt’ in Nainital. That was the famous double century he scored in Delhi at that time. He wasn’t home when I called him. Thus, I wrote him a note wishing him a happy double century in the name of Sharmila Tagore,” she revealed.

Time when Pataudi played a prank with the actress

However, it was a prank that sparked Sharmila’s attraction to the Nawab of Pataudi. In Mumbai, Sharmila received an unusual phone call informing her that five air conditioners had arrived from London.

Recalling the incident, Sharmila said, “I thought somebody was trying to get me into trouble, and I’d end up in jail. I had never even ordered them. I got perturbed. There was a number given, so I called it.”

Promptly, Pataudi burst into laughter, admitting it was all a prank.

“That’s how it happened,” she continued. “He then asked if we could go out for coffee. I said yes, we’ll go out for coffee.”

That lighthearted exchange marked the beginning of their love story, leading to their marriage in 1968, which lasted 43 years until Tiger’s passing in 2011. Together, they raised three children: actor Saif Ali Khan, jewelry designer Saba Ali Khan, and actress Soha Ali Khan. Their union, blending the worlds of sports and cinema in a timeless romance, remains a poignant part of India’s cultural history.


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