• Sunday March 26, 2023

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Live Sun 3/26 7:30 pm
DEL-W DEL-W *79/7 (15.3 ov)
Delhi Capitals Women elected to bat
Live Sun 3/26 5:30 pm
SA SA *207/3 (14.4 ov)
WI WI 258/5 (20 ov)
South Africa need 52 runs in 32 remaining balls
Live Sun 3/26 1:00 pm
NAM NAM 151/10 (41.4 ov)
USA USA 231/9 (50 ov)
United States of America won by 80 runs.
Live Sun 3/26 4:30 pm
BD-19 BD-19 *0/0 ( ov)
SL-19 SL-19 215/10 (48 ov)
Inning Break : Bangladesh Under-19s need 216 runs in 50 remaining overs
Live Sun 3/26 7:30 pm
PW PW *101/6 (15.2 ov)
Indore Knights elected to bowl
Live Sun 3/26 8:00 pm
MLT-W MLT-W *61/6 (8.5 ov)
Spain Women elected to bowl

CCL 2023 Schedule

CCL 2023 Schedule: Telugu Warriors became the champions of CCL 2023 by defeating Bhojpuri Dabbangs by 9 wickets in the final on Saturday 25th of March.  A total of eight teams are participating in the CCL in 2023. The tournament is underway from February 18. The tournament will feature 19 T-10 matches, with each team playing 10 league matches. The final will be played on March 25. A total of 19 matches will be played by eight teams across six Indian cities: Jaipur, Hyderabad, Raipur, Jodhpur, Bengaluru, and Visakhapatnam. Follow CCL 2023 Live updates with InsideSport.In

Date Match Venue Time in IST
February 18 Bengal Tigers vs Karnataka Bulldozers Raipur Karnataka win by 8 wickets
February 18 Chennai Rhinos vs Mumbai Heroes Raipur Chennai win by 10 wickets
February 19 Kerala Strikers vs Telugu Warriors Raipur Telugu Warriors win by 64 runs
February 19 Punjab De Sher vs Bhojpuri Dabbangs Raipur Bhojpuri Dabanggs win by 25 runs
February 25 Chennai Rhinos vs Bhojpuri Dabbangs Jaipur Bhojpuri Dabanggs win by 8 wickets
February 25 Bengal Tigers vs Telugu Warriors Jaipur Telugu Warriors win by 8 wickets
February 26 Kerala Strikers vs Karnataka Bulldozers Jaipur Karnataka Bulldozers win by 8 wickets
February 26 Punjab De Sher vs Mumbai Heroes Jaipur Mumbai Heroes win by 22 runs
March 4 Punjab De Sher vs Telugu Warriors Bangalore Punjab won by 6 wickets
March 4 Chennai Rhinos vs Karnataka Bulldozers Bangalore Karnataka Bulldozers won by 6 wickets
March 5 Bengal Tigers vs Bhojpuri Dabbangs Thiruvananthapuram Bhojpuri Dabbangs won by 5 wickets
March 5 Kerala Strikers vs Mumbai Heroes Thiruvananthapuram Mumbai Heroes won by 7 runs
March 11 Kerala Strikers vs Bhojpuri Dabanggs Jodhpur Bhojpuri Dabanggs won by75 runs
March 11 Punjab De Sher vs Karnataka Bulldozers Jodhpur Karnataka Bulldozers won by 8 wickets
March 12 Chennai Rhinos vs Telugu Warriors Jodhpur Chennai Rhinos won by 20 runs
March 12 Bengal Tigers vs Mumbai Heroes Jodhpur Mumbai Heroes won by 16 runs
March 24 Bhojpuri Dabanggs vs Mumbai Heroes – SF1 Visakhapatnam Bhojpuri Dabbangs won by 6 wicket
March 24 Karnataka Bulldozers vs Telugu Warriors – SF 2 Visakhapatnam Telugu Warriors won by 6 wickets
March 25 Telugu Warriors vs Bhojpuri Dabbangs – Final Visakhapatnam Telugu Warriors won by 9 wickets

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