Rohit Sharma’s unique record on his birthday from last three years 

Rohit Sharma’s unique record on his birthday from last three years 

Known as the Hitman in world cricket, Rohit Sharma holds various records, from making 18,000 runs to smashing 41 centuries in international cricket. Although he is now known for one more record which no batters want, especially on their birthday. Check out Rohit Sharma's unique birthday record that he has made.

Rohit Sharma has always been considered one of the best ball strikers in world cricket. As no one knows better than him how to utilize the batting powerplay. With over 18,000 runs in international cricket and numerous records, such as 41 centuries at the top level cricket. However, he also holds a unique and unwanted record of playing just 5 balls, and that too on his birthday.

Sharma is usually seen playing in the IPL on his birthday, as he was born on April 30th. This time, apart from the heatwave, we see a strong IPL wave as well. It seems like Sharma has failed to give a return gift to his fans on his birthday. As he usually fails to score big runs. Let’s have a look at all the scores he has made on his birthday and find out what makes this stats unique.

Rohit Sharma unique record on his birthday

AgainstRunsBalls FacedYear
Sunrisers Hyderabad152014
Rajasthan Royals252022
Rajasthan Royals352023
Lucknow Super Giants452024

Rohit Sharma and his love for low scores on his birthday

As mentioned, no one is better than Rohit when it comes to striking the ball out of the park, as he is considered the Hitman. Although all his performances against IPL teams while playing for MI on his birthday are not very memorable .

One more striking thing to note is that he made 2, 3, and 4 runs in 2022, 2023, and 2024 respectively, and played the same 5 balls. Which is without any doubt unique and something no batter, especially on his birthday, has done. In IPL 2024 game also against Lucknow Super Giant, he got out after making just 4 runs in 5 balls. Sharma will look to change this record next year, as this record doesn’t align with his caliber.


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