BCCI in a FIX over right base price after IPL windfall, Media Rights tender delayed further

BCCI wants broadcasters to pay at par with IPL per match value or at Rs 118 Cr and broadcasters don’t agree to that

BCCI Media Rights tender delayed further, in a FIX over right base price after IPL media rights windfall, BCCI expects more than IPL per match value

No, the Zee-Sony merger is not the reason for a delayed BCCI Media Rights tender. Instead, it’s IPL that has changed BCCI’s stance. InsideSport understands that the broadcasters are apprehensive about the base price of the deal which is valued at per match fee of IPL 2023 matches. As per the last IPL Media Rights valuation, one IPL match is valued at Rs 118 Cr. BCCI wants more than that for India Cricket Team matches.

There have been reports that BCCI is playing the waiting game for the Zee-Sony merger to happen before releasing the tender. However, it’s not the case. Indian broadcasters are not “interested” in splashing out so much per game with diminishing viewership of ODIs and Tests.

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After getting a negative response from the initial market assessment, BCCI is reworking the base price. Once the broadcasters and the BCCI are on the same page, the tender will be out.

As per the last media rights deal, one of India’s home games was valued at roughly 60 Crore. Disney-Star paid 6138.1 Cr for 103 matches for a five-year cycle.

BCCI Media Rights tender delayed further, in a FIX over right base price after IPL media rights windfall, BCCI expects more than IPL per match value

India Cricket Match value per game (2018-2023):

  • Rs 46 Cr per game for 2018-19,
  • Rs 47 crore per game for 2019-20
  • Rs 46 crore per game for 2020-21
  • Rs 77 crore per game for 2021-2022
  • Rs 78.90 crore per game for 2022-23

However, with the BCCI bagging a whopping Rs 48,390 Cr for IPL media rights for 410 games, per game valuation shot up to 118 Cr. It should be noted that even though there will be 370 games for a five-year period, BCCI is mulling an increase in the number of games to 84 and eventually 94 in this cycle alone.

However, BCCI remained bullish over the rights value. In fact, BCCI expects over Rs 15,000 Cr for 100 odd games. If that happens, the per-match value could shoot up to 150 Cr.

“We received a great response for IPL and that’s the way forward. The numbers show that the audience is moving towards digital than TV. Hence, it only makes sense to separate the two. We expect upward of 12,000 Crore this time,” a senior BCCI official told InsideSport.

BCCI Media Rights: All you need to know

  • BCCI secretary Jay Shah has confirmed that the sale of media rights will begin in July.
  • The tender will be floated sometime in June end with the entire process set to take 45 days to complete.
  • After the success of selling IPL Media Rights, BCCI will separate TV and digital rights.
  • With India set to host 20 Tests, 21 ODIs and 31 T20s in the next four years, the expectation is to score over Rs 12,000 Crore.
  • The valuation will put per-match value more than an IPL match which stands at 118 Cr.
  • However, during its first market assessment, BCCI had a setback. Broadcasters were not ready to pay per-match value equal to IPL.
  • The last deal was for 5 years. BCCI has sold IPL rights for a 5-year period. BCCI is likely to continue with the 5-year option.

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