COD Mobile Season 7: Mythic Switchblade TRAILER LEAKED, NEW Switchblade X9 SMG to take over as META, ALL DETAILS

COD Mobile Season 7- Mythic Switchblade X9: COD Mobile Season 7 took off yesterday after a heavy update few days back. A…

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COD Mobile Season 7 to release new Mythic Switchblade SMG (Image via Twitter/ Leakers on Duty)

COD Mobile Season 7- Mythic Switchblade X9: COD Mobile Season 7 took off yesterday after a heavy update few days back. A ton of new content was added to the game, alongside a new POI in Battle Royale in collaboration with Ghost in a Shell. Furthermore, the Switchblade X9 SMG has also been released in the game. A mythic version of the same SMG can be expected to be released mid-Season 7 of Call of Duty Mobile, trailer leaks suggest. Follow COD Mobile NEWS Updates with InsideSport.IN

Mythic weapons are the most expensive item in COD Mobile. Switchblade X9 will be the latest weapon in the game to get a mythic version. The leaked trailer surfaced after popular COD Mobile leaker Aylan Gamer showcased the trailer on his YouTube channel. There are still no official announcements from the devs regarding a mythic version of the Switchblade X9.

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Leaked Trailer showcases Mythic Switchblade and new upcoming Operator skin in COD Mobile Season 7

Mythic Switchblade was leaked back in the last week of July by multiple data miners. However, the leaks did not provide any in-depth intel on the entire mythic drop. Nonetheless, the leaked trailer has provided some crucial input about what players can expect to be added to this upcoming mythic draw.

The epic Operator skin is unknown currently but the design is quite visible in the leaked trailer above. She shares quite some distinctive similarities with Motoko from the Season 7 Battle Pass. All the epic characters in the present season are expected to be characters from the Netflix anime Ghost in the Shell.

Furthermore, players will also find a new Rally Car skin in the draw. Due to the cyberpunk theme of the season, all the items will share a bright neon theme, including the mythic Switchblade X9. Lastly, players can expect unique charms, legendary calling cards, emote, and a themed epic weapon in the same mythic drop. Details on the other items are expected to drop soon from the data miners.

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