WWE Smackdown Results & Highlights: Sami Zayn becomes Roman Reigns’ next challenger, Brock Lesnar announced for next week

WWE Smackdown Results & Highlights: Sami Zayn becomes Roman Reigns' next challenger, Brock Lesnar announced for next week
WWE Smackdown Results & Highlights: Sami Zayn becomes Roman Reigns' next challenger, Brock Lesnar announced for next week

WWE Smackdown- Smackdown Results and Highlights: Check out the big highlights and what happened on WWE Friday Night Smackdown Episode on 27th Nov: The post Survivor Series edition of Friday Night Smackdown aired live from the Greensboro Coliseum Complex in Greensboro, North Carolina. The show kicked off with Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman addressing the WWE Universe. What else happened during the show? Check out the WWE Smackdown Results & Highlights in this blog.

WWE Smackdown matches & segments of the night

  • Roman Reigns & Paul Heyman kicks off the show
  • Jeff Hardy & Drew McIntyre vs. Happy Corbin & Madcap Moss
  • Ridge Holland vs. Cesaro
  • Rick Boogs vs. Angel
  • Charlotte Flair’s Interview
  • Naomi & Sasha Banks vs. Natalya & Shayna Baszler
  • Black Friday Invitational Battle Royal

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WWE Smackdown Results of the night

Black Friday Invitational Battle Royal: Time to determine the next challenger of Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship. Time for the Black Friday Invitational Battle Royal. Everyone made the list to compete in this match, but Drew McIntyre surprisingly missed out.

Drew McIntyre was furious about not making the list and came out rushing down the ring with his sword ‘Angela.’ Drew entered the ring and was livid at the fact of missing out. Seeing him approaching the ring fanatically, everyone left the ring, and Drew was all alone inside the ring. Adam Pearce came out to calm Drew, but we head into commercials.

Drew McIntyre left on his own during the commercial and the match finally started with Jinder Mahal being the first superstar to get eliminated.

After Mahal, Sami zayn eliminated Drew Gulak, Ridge Holland and Sheamus eliminated Mansoor, Madcap Moss eliminated Mace, Shanky. Cesaro eliminated Ridge Holland, Moss then eliminated Cesaro. We then saw Corbin & Moss tricking on each other and finally, Moss got eliminated by his own friend Happy Corbin. We now head into commercials.

  • Jinder Mahal was the first one to get eliminated
  • Sami Zayn eliminated Drew Gulak
  • Ridge Holland and Sheamus eliminated Mansoor
  • Madcap Moss eliminated Mace
  • Madcap Moss eliminated Shanky
  • Cesaro eliminated Ridge Holland
  • Madcap Moss eliminated Cesaro
  • Happy Corbin eliminated Madcap Moss
  • Angel eliminates Rick Boogs
  • Ivar eliminated Angel
  • The Viking Raider together eliminated Humberto
  • Sheamus eliminated both Erik and Ivar

We now have 5 men left. Sheamus, Ricochet, Happy Corbin, Sami Zayn, and the hometown boy Jeff Hardy.

  • After a Brogue Kick, Sheamus eliminated Ricochet
  • Sheamus and Jappy Corbin were now going after each other, but Jeff Hardy joined the two men in the battle
  • Hardy connects with a Whisper in the Wind on Sheamus and then placed a Twist of Fate on Happy Corbin
  • Sheamus and Corbin then aligned to get the better of Hardy but Corbin turned on Sheamus and sent him outside the ring
  • Jeff Hardy eliminated Happy Corbin and it seemed like he won the Battle Royal, but that that wasn’t the case. Sami Zayn who went outside through the middle and top rope all this time came inside the ring and sent Hardy over the top rope to win the match.

WWE Smackdown- Smackdown Results and Highlights: Sami Zayn won the Battle Royal

After the match got over, Kayla Braxton went into the ring to interview Sami Zayn. She got a call from someone all of a sudden and revealed that Brock Lesnar’s suspension has been lifted and he will be on the Blue brand next week.



Naomi & Sasha Banks vs. Natalya & Shayna Baszler: Sonya Deville was present with the commentary team to commentate for this match as she has some personal vendetta with Naomi.

Banks and Baszler started the proceedings and both ladies started off by slapping each other. Baszler then held Sasha into her submission the Carafuna Clutch, but Banks despite the submission hold, forced herself to her corner where Naomi took the tag.

Naomi attacked Baszler for good before going for an unsuccessful roll-up pin. Baszler, after taking some beating tagged in Natalya who changed the momentum by slamming Naomi bottom-first on the floor outside the ring. Naomi felt the pain but was rolled inside the ring by Natalya who then tagged in Baszler.

Baszler was now working on Naomi and trying to put the Carafuna Clutch on the former Smackdown Champion. But, Sasha came from behind after flooring Natalya with a clothesline outside the ring and went inside to nail a backstabber on Baszler. We now go into commercials.

After the commercials, we saw Natalya working on Naomi but she soon tagged in Baszler who stomped on the back of the knee and leg of Naomi. Baszler then started working for good on Naomi, but the former Smackdown champion somehow got some momentum by hitting a double stunner on Baszler & Natalya at the same time via the middle rope.

In the closing moments, we saw Natalya and Naomi going back & forth with their offense, while Sasha Banks who was pulled down from the apron by Baszler, took care of the latter by slamming her into the barricade and running into her with a double knee strike.

Meanwhile, in the ring, Natalya hit Naomi with a discus clothesline and went for a cover. Naomi kicked out and went for a roll-up cover on Natalya. This time Natalya kicked out but after a few back & forth roll-up pins, Naomi finally placed a sunset roll-up pin to pick up the win.

WWE Smackdown- Smackdown Results and Highlights: Naomi pinned Natalya (Naomi & Sasha Banks won)



Charlotte Flair’s Interview: Time for an interview with the Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair.

Michael Cole and Charlotte Flair were in the ring. Cole asked Charlotte about her match and if she is disappointed with the result at Survivor Series. Charlotte said that everyone saw what happened at Survivor Series. Becky cheated her way out to defeat her and perhaps that was the only way she could have defeated her.

Cole then asked Charlotte what’s next for her? Charlotte told him that she is the most dominating woman in the locker room. Her segment was however cut short by Toni Storm who came out and said that she is the one who is in the brains of Charlotte. The Smackdown Women’s Champion denied it and said she barely remembers if Toni even exists on the roster.

Charlotte then tried to put her hands on Toni, but she ducked and sent Charlotte outside the ring near the thanksgiving leftovers table. Charlotte took the cake’s plate and bashed it into Toni’s face. The humiliation from Charlotte didn’t stop there as she once again based the cake on Toni’s face to leave her embarrassed.



Backstage: Kayla Braxton approached Adam Pearce and asked her about the list of the 20-man who will compete in the Thanksgiving Battle Royal. Adam said that when he gets the list approved he will put it outside his office. Braxton then asked about the rumors around Brock Lesnar’s suspension. Pearce took a brief pause and said that he has no idea about when Brock’s suspension is going to lift, but he will ensure Brock’s ‘Indefinite suspension’ stays for long.



Rick Boogs vs. Angel: As the bell rang, Angel rushed into Boogs and hit a dropkick to send Boogs outside the ring. The two men exchanged a few blows outside and Angel tried to slam Boogs’ face into the table placed outside with thanksgiving leftovers on it. Boogs denied and lifted Garza to slam him through the table, but Angel denied it and held the middle rope to get onto the apron and kicked in the chest of Boogs.

The action then moved inside the ring and Boogs was displaying his ridiculous strength by lifting Angel from the gut and toying with him for good. He first spun all-around carrying Angel in his arms and then again held him from his gut to slam him back-first on the mat.

Rick was all over Angel, but Humberto had other ideas. He took Boogs’ guitar and started playing it by standing on the table with food on the outside of the ring to distract Boogs. He succeeded in doing so, but Nakamura came from behind and hit a kick on Humberto’s calf from behind that saw him crashing through the table.

The distraction worked for Angel as he placed a superkick to rock Boogs and then hit him with his finisher to secure a pinfall win.

WWE Smackdown- Smackdown Results and Highlights: Angel defeated Rick Boogs



Cesaro vs. Ridge Holland: Time for Smackdown in-ring debut of Ridge Holland, while Sheamus was also present there with the commentary team commentating for the match. As the bell rang, Cesaro looked on the money as he sent Ridge to the corner and struck Holland hard.

His momentum however was lost courtesy of some trash-talking with Sheamus. Ridge turned the table from thereon and it was him dominating the match. He rugged off Cesar by a shoulder takedown right on Cesaro’s knee. Ridge displayed some unimaginable strength by lifting Cesaro vertically and suplexed him for good.

Ridge was in control with his offense and his power moves, takedowns were troubling Cesaro. Just when Ridge was closing off on his first win in Smackdown, Cesaro held him in a roll-up pin and out of nowhere picked up a victory.

WWE Smackdown Live Results: Cesar defeated Ridge Holland via Pinfall



Backstage: Paul Heyman approached Kayla Braxton to advise her that she better start checking facts and don’t believe in rumors. He also told Kayla that Brock Lesnar got suspended intentionally because he fears Roman Reigns and he doesn’t want to face the Tribal Chief.



Jeff Hardy & Drew McIntyre vs. Happy Corbin & Madcapp Moss: Time for the first match of the night.

As the bell rang, an uber aggressive Happy Corbin went right after Jeff Hardy from behind. He sent him to the corners and kept beating him, but Hardy returned with his veteran offense quickly. Corbin after facing some beating tagged in Madcap Moss.

Moss tried working on Hardy but was floored by an arm-drag from the veteran, Hardy then tagged Drew McIntyre and the Scottish Warrior was on the money right from the word ‘Go.’ After some offense on Moss, Hardy was tagged in again and he continued from where Drew McIntyre left.

Hardy went after Moss and sent him outside the ring. He then hit a cheap shot on Corbin who was standing on the apron to send him outside. Hardy then nailed a running dive from the apron on Drew McIntyre, but while he was celebrating his move, Moss came from behind and sent Hardy to the timekeeper area with a vicious clothesline. We now go into commercials.

After the commercials, Hardy was kept quiet by both Moss & Corbin, but not for long as both Moss and Hardy bashed into each other with a clothesline. Hardy out of desperation tagged Drew McIntyre, while Moss also tagged in Corbin.

McIntyre changed the momentum completely and was unloading on Corbin. Moss tried to intervene but was nailed with a neck breaker and followed the suit on Drew McIntyre as well. After some back & forth attacks with both Corbin & Moss, Drew nailed a ferocious Claymore Kick on Moss and then tagged in Hardy who wrapped up the match with a Swanton.

WWE Smackdown- Smackdown Results and Highlights: Drew McIntyre & Jeff Hardy defeated Happy Corbin & Madcap Moss via Pinfall (Hardy pinned Moss)



In the ring: Kayla Braxton started off the night and she touched upon the fact that Brock Lesnar’s indefinite suspension might have lifted. While she was speaking, Roman Reigns’ music hit, and The Tribal Chief came out with his special counsel Paul Heyman.

Paul Heyman took the mic from Kayla Braxton and said that he and his Tribal Chief don’t believe in rumors and if Kayla wants to be a legit journalist then she better start checking facts, because facts are something both Paul & Roman believe. Paul Heyman then asked Kayla Braxton to leave the ring.

As Kayla left the ring, people present in the arena started chanting “We Want Brock!” Roman Reigns then took the mic and said that he is winner and the rest of them are a loser because he has beaten them all. He called Brock Lesnar the biggest loser because he smashed him at Crown Jewel and did it on an international stage.

Reigns continued and called the WWE Champion Big E a loser as he smashed him last week at Survivor Series. The segment ended with Roman Reigns saying that sooner or later everyone will”Acknowledge” him.