PUBG Mobile Update: PUBG Mobile unveils mega-event plans for 2021

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PUBG Events for 2021: PUBG Mobile has had an interesting ride in 2020, and it only claims to get bigger and better in 2021. With an array of competitions held across the globe in 2020, the showdown in the coming year, as promised by the Director James Yang will be an exception. 

PUBG Mobile unveils mega-event plans for 2021

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In a video message, Yang unveiled the road map for what is in store for PUBG Mobile Esports next year. The path is simple– it starts with Club Open in the first quarter and third quarter and then Pro League will take place in quarter two and four. The same suit will follow in the third quarter till they reach the global stage and take part in PUBG Global Championship.

The video also announced that registrations for PUBG Mobile Club Open 2021 Spring Split would start from 1st January 2021, and close on 24th January 2021.

 Yang also announced that in 2021, there will be seven more pro leagues for specific regions. The new regions that would also have a PUBG Pro League in the future are:

1. CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States)
2. Arabia Region
3. Turkey
4. Western Europe
5. North America
6. Latin America

7. Brazil

Looking back at 2020, the year also had an array of PUBG Mobile events in which many teams took place and now the top 16 of those will fight it out at the PMGC finals dated from January 21 to January 24, 2021.