PUBG Mobile Update : Most followed Indian PUBG player ‘Mortal’ to take a break from the game

PUBG Mobile Update : Most followed Indian PUBG player 'Motal' to take a break from the game

PUBG Mobile Update : Naman “MortaL” Mathur, who plays for Team Soul from India, is taking a break from competitive PUBG Mobile to focus on his streaming career, this is a really big news for Indian players. Mortal is the highest watched PUBG Mobile player of all time with more than 6 Million Subscribers on YouTube.

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On his stream, Mortal stated that he will not be immediately making a return to playing competitive PUBG Mobile when the game makes it return. In a recent stream, the player announced that he was stepping down as the IGL of Team SouL and was taking a break from competitive play. He also stated that he was planning to become a mentor in his team and become “the sixth person” of the team. According to the player, this decision was made keeping in mind the best interests of Team SouL and his family.

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After a hiatus that lasted for more than a quarter of 2020, PUBG-Mobile is set to return to India, with influencers and game developers themselves confirming the same. With the return of the game, the latest news is that competitive scene in PUBG-Mobile will once again be the talk of the town, especially with several Indian teams regarded as the cream of the crop when it comes to the Asian region.

Mortal decided to become a mentor. According to him, this decision was made keeping in mind the best interests of the team. SouL is one of the most popular PUBG Mobile e-sports teams in India. They have represented India twice in PMCO Global Finals, and are currently playing the PMPL South Asia Scrims 2020.

SouL did not share a precise reason for the same. But one of the team members, SouL Viper, shared on his story that the team needs to analyse and work on some things.

SouL Viper shared on Instagram Story.

The performance of SouL was not up to the mark in PMPL South Asia Scrims. On Day 6 of the scrims, the team was in 11th place, with 28 points. The inconsistent performance of the team during the competition could be the reason that SouL took this step. With the squad down to three active members as per Liquipedia, it would be interesting to see who ends up representing the iconic PUBG-Mobile organization once the teams are allowed to resume their professional duties within the esports scene.

This is not the first time SouL Mortal has taken a break from the competitive scene. After their last break, the team came back very strongly in the 2019 edition of PMCO. Following their latest break, the team would expect better returns in their upcoming tournaments, after making new strategies, and working on other avenues.

PMPL South Asia Scrims is being organised to entertain the audience during the ongoing lockdown because of the COVID 19 pandemic. Currently, the second season of PMPL South Asia is going on, which will end on 17th April. SouL’s recent announcement about a break means that the team will not be a part of the rest of this tournament.

PUBG Mobile fans can catch the live stream on the official YouTube channel of PUBG Mobile Esports. The team fans can still watch their favorite players on their respective YouTube channels via live stream.

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