Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Pokemon UNITE: Get ready for the new defender Pokemon Trevenant

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Pokemon UNITE players across the world received a surprise today as the developers released a new Pokemon in the game. Trevenant is a Grass/Ghost-type Pokemon and will fit into the role of a Defender while battling on the Aeos Island. This will be the latest addition to the roster within the game as the developers from TiMi Studio Group look to provide more options to the players. They had already added Dragonite and Tsareena in the last month. Pokemon UNITE, Pokemon UNITE new addition, Pokemon UNITE Trevenant, Pokemon UNITE new defender

Pokemon UNITE was released in July last year for the Nintendo Switch devices. After successful beta tests, it was finally released across the world on 22nd September 2021 and was also available for Android and iOS devices. From there, Pokemon UNITE has steadily climbed up to become a popular MOBA title. It has all the elements of a regular MOBA, with skills, items, maps, strategy, Pokemon roles, etc. Players battle on Aeos Island where they have to score goals to get points. One interesting feature here is that all matches have a fixed 10-minute mark. The game has also been tweaked to make it suit this style and can be considered more light-hearted than the other MOBA variations.

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Pokemon UNITE announces the next addition to their lineup – Trevenant

Trevenant is a Generation 6 Pokemon that was introduced with the title Pokemon X and Y. It is a Grass/Ghost-type and resembles a scary treant often found in western folklore. Trevenant is the evolved form of Phantump.

Pokemon UNITE has been getting too many aggressive-style Pokemons. Trevanant will be a much more defensive style and can be compared with other such Pokemons in the game like Slowbro, Crustle, Blastoise, Snorlax, etc. Although the complete details of Trevenant have not yet been released, players got to witness a Pokemon Spotlight where Trevenant can be seen using his skills on various other Pokemons. The video was released on both Twitter and YouTube. You can watch it here.

Players can expect Trevenant to be officially introduced in Pokemon UNITE by the end of this month. With the speed at which developers are adding new Pokemons into the game, it looks like they want to provide a massive number of options to the players by the time they reach the Pokemon World Championship later this year.

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