Friday, May 20, 2022

Pokemon Go to have a second Community Day for January 2022?

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Niantic had already announced the Pokemon Go January Community day in the last month. But another great in-game time lies just ahead for the Pocket Monsters fans as there will be a second community in the following week itself. Pokemon Go Community Day January,  Pokemon Go, Pokemon Go Community Day Date, Community Day Pokemon, 

“Return to the roots of Community Day during the Season of Heritage! As a special treat, we’ll be holding Community Day Classic and bringing back a favorite Bulbasaur”; posted Pokemon GO on their official handles. This means through the event period, players will be able to catch a Shiny Bulbasaur as the Pokemon will get an increased spawn rate. Additionally, any Ivysaur that players evolve into Venusaur will learn the exclusive Charged Attack Frenzy Plant.

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Pokemon Go Community Day January: two Community Days scheduled for January 2022?

Further treats include Incense and Lure Modules remaining active for three hours, and players will earn three times the regular amount of XP for catching Pokemon. Players can learn more about the event from the official Pokemon Go blog.

Now, January’s regular Community Day is scheduled for Jan. 16. Spheal is selected for this month’s feature pokemon and you players learn two exclusive moves by evolving it into Walrein during the ‘Powder Snow and Icicle Spear’ event.

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