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USA Cricket in Crisis: Suspension looms as T20 WC nears, USOPC and ICC voice discontent

USA Cricket in Crisis: Suspension looms as T20 WC nears, USOPC and ICC voice discontent

Suspension of USA Cricket was reportedly a highly considered option by ICC, but ultimately tabled until after the T20 World Cup.

The future of USA Cricket hangs in the balance as both the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC) and the International Cricket Council (ICC) express strong disapproval of the organization’s current state. A potential suspension from ICC looms large if drastic changes aren’t implemented.

USOPC issues scathing rebuke

The USOPC sent a strongly worded letter criticizing USA Cricket’s governance and management practices as per Cricbuzz. A key point of contention is the alleged interference of board directors in day-to-day operations.

The USOPC reportedly views this meddling as a major hindrance to the organization’s growth. Furthermore, the recent dismissal of CEO Dr. Noor Murad seems to be a tipping point, potentially prompting the USOPC to take more drastic measures.

ICC Echoes Concerns

Following a board meeting in March, the ICC issued a direct warning to USA Cricket, urging them to address internal issues. A suspension was reportedly a highly considered option, but ultimately tabled until after the ICC T20 World Cup.

The ICC’s anger stems primarily from Dr. Murad’s termination, especially considering his appointment was recommended by the ICC itself. USA Cricket’s failure to reinstate him further strained their relationship with the governing body.

Insider reveals power struggles and obstruction

An anonymous source sheds light on the internal power struggles plaguing USA Cricket. According to this source, board members prioritize personal agendas over the organization’s growth.

They allegedly view their positions as a means to exert control and appoint individuals loyal to them. This focus on personal gain reportedly hinders transparency and effective operation.

Noor Murad’s powerlessness in USA Cricket

The source further reveals Dr. Noor Murad’s struggle to enact positive change. His attempts to appoint qualified personnel for essential roles, such as a Director of Domestic Cricket and a Finance Manager, were reportedly met with resistance. The board allegedly pressured him to select their preferred candidates or abandon the appointments altogether.

Dr. Noor Murad also faced pushback in his efforts to establish a high-performance structure for the national team leading up to and beyond the World Cup. His proposed initiatives, including a November National T20 tournament, strength and conditioning programs, and bilateral matches against other member nations, were reportedly rejected by the cricket committee.

Dr. Murad’s vision for improved umpiring and coaching structures also faced hurdles due to alleged cronyism and bureaucratic red tape within the organization.

Resignations highlight disarray in USA Cricket

The turmoil within USA Cricket is further evidenced by the recent resignations of key personnel just months before the World Cup. Development Officer Jamie Paul Lloyd, Women’s Coordinator Julie Abbot, and Strength and Conditioning Coach Burt Cockley have all left their positions, further jeopardizing the team’s preparation.

Call for Reform in USA Cricket

With the USOPC and ICC applying significant pressure, USA Cricket is at a crossroads. Unless they can address the issues of board interference, transparency, and effective leadership, they risk facing suspension from international cricket.

A complete overhaul of their governance structure and a commitment to professionalism are essential steps towards restoring trust and ensuring a brighter future for cricket in the United States.


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