COD Mobile: New Legendary ATV Tachikoma lucky draw added to the game, Find out price, all items in draw and more

COD Mobile- Legendary ATV Tachikoma: COD Mobile Season 7 introduced the Ghost in a Shell collaboration which saw major changes take place…

COD Mobile Tachikoma Ghost in the Shell
Legendary ATV 'Tachikoma' released in COD Mobile

COD Mobile- Legendary ATV Tachikoma: COD Mobile Season 7 introduced the Ghost in a Shell collaboration which saw major changes take place to the game. However, the most unique addition to the game is the legendary ATV ‘Tachikoma.’ This vehicle looks nothing like the original and also comes with added perks. Furthermore, it is also pay-to-win since only the Tachikoma ATV can be used to kill enemies with a built-in machine gun. For more information regarding the Call of Duty franchise, follow InsideSport.IN.

For those unaware, Tachikomas are fictional robots that have AI brains in the Ghost in the Shell anime. They might sound and look pretty harmless, but these robots are quite lethal. Similarly in COD Mobile, unlike normal ATVs, the Tachikoma will be able to eliminate players with a mini-gun. It will also possess the ability to jump over obstacles, something no other weapon is capable of in the game.

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Legendary ATV Tachikoma lucky draw price, items and more in COD Mobile Season 7

Legendary ATV Tachikoma is out now in the game. It comes with tons of other rewards that players can unlock with COD points. This draw is primarily meant for Battle Royale players but multiplayer regulars might also find some of the stuff interesting. Legendary wingsuit has also been introduced with this lucky draw. Now BR players will able to equip everything in legendary variant, provided they have all the other items.

Below are all the items players can purchase from the latest lucky draw in game:

  • Axe- Tachikoma Spider
  • Charm- Tachikoma
  • Heartbeat Sensor- Tachikoma Spider
  • Emote- Bugging Out
  • Parachute- Tachikoma Spider
  • D13- Sector- Tachikoma Spider
  • CBR4- Tachikoma Spider
  • Wingsuit- MECH Air
  • Operator skin- Batou
  • Legendary ATV- Tachikoma

Players do note that purchasing this lucky draw will require real money. Unless players are lucky, the odds of pulling the ATV early is quite low. However, with each pull, the odds of every remaining item in the draw goes up. Its best to watch reviews before choosing to invest in these niche items in the game.

The price of the entire lucky draw will differ from region to region. It usually takes up to $150 to pull an entire draw in COD Mobile. The price of the draw depends on the cost of COD Points in a particular region.

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