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COD Mobile Season 4: New ‘Dropkick’ Mode, Health Bar Display, and More

COD Mobile Season 4: New ‘Dropkick’ Mode, Health Bar Display, and More

Call of Duty Mobile also known as CoD Mobile Season 4 update is set to bring new Dropkick mode. Check out the rules of the mode.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 update is set to release next week. The update will bring the new Dropkick Mode in the game where defending team operators will not respawn until the briefcase is dropped. Check out more details on upcoming mode with COD Mobile Season 4.

COD Mobile Season 4: Dropkick Mode

In this intense game mode, all-out war revolves around a single briefcase. Grab it at the match start to score points for your team. The enemy team can’t respawn while you hold the briefcase, giving you a major advantage. But be warned! You’ll be stuck with just a pistol or the briefcase itself for close-quarters combat.

No fancy gadgets or abilities here! Your teammates become crucial for defense, as your location is constantly revealed. Rack up points faster than the other team to secure victory!

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Health Bar Display

A new Basic Setting under the MP Mode tab will allow players to toggle on allied health bars. Activate it to view your teammates’ health bars over their Operator in-match. Customize their display with sliders for Health Bar Size and Health Bar Transparency.


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