France introduces ‘meatless’ menu for Paris 2024, could benefit Indian vegetarian athletes

France introduces ‘meatless’ menu for Paris 2024, could benefit Indian vegetarian athletes

For a long time now, Indian athletes have suffered on account of not finding decent vegetarian options, when they go abroad for competitions, but Paris 2024 could be different.

We are just months away from the biggest sporting spectacle in the world — Paris 2024 Olympics, which starts July 26th. And one of the most asked questions about the Olympics is, what will the athletes eat at the Games Village? So finally, Sodexo Live!, the company in-charge of catering at Paris 2024, has revealed the elaborate menu for the event.

Meatless, Vegetarian Diet for Athletes at Paris 2024

As per Olympics.com, the canteen will open on July 12, which will have a seating capacity of 3,500 people. The menu will largely be based on four cuisines — French, Asian, African-Caribbean, and World cuisine. But there is a twist in the tale.

Known for its meat-based dishes like foie gras, steak tartare, and boeuf bourguignon, Paris 2024 will have a host of 100% vegetarian options as well. In fact, as per Express UK, 60% of the food served at the Games will be vegetarian, and will have meat-free hot dogs, and plant-based tuna as well.

What is the Need to go with Vegetarian Menu?

The organisers of the France Olympics aim at reducing the meat consumption in the country and want ‘leaf’ over ‘beef’. “We wanted to focus on the vegetarian options,” said Philipp Würz, who is responsible for food & beverages at Paris 2024. “60 per cent of the recipes for the general public will be vegetarian.

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“We are convinced that with these Games we have a unique opportunity to do things differently and show that another model is possible. It is with immense pride that we can announce that all the food options at La Concorde will be 100 per cent vegetarian. It is a first in the history of the Games and the result of four years of work.”

Meatless Menu Could Help Some Indian Athletes

The meatless menu initiative at Paris 2024 could just help some of the vegetarian Indian athletes. To names a few, wrestlers generally don’t consume meat in India, and rely on dairy products and supplements mostly to complete their nutritional requirements. Now vegetarian options will keep them in good stead, and food won’t really be an issue.


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