Want to watch T20 World Cup? Here’s your guide to cheapest flights, hotels in USA, Caribbean islands

Want to watch T20 World Cup? Here’s your guide to cheapest flights, hotels in USA, Caribbean islands

InsideSport brings to you a guide for cheapest flights & hotels if you are a fan and are traveling to USA and Caribbean to watch T20 World Cup

The highly-anticipated T20 World Cup 2024 is just around the corner and the craze around it continues to grow unabated. While there will be craze of cricket, USA is also a popular holiday destination. Hence, a lot of enthusiastic fans from India will be eager to travel to the land of dreams and finish the trip in the Caribbean enjoying cricket as well as pristine and beautiful beaches. But will it be in your budget or you have to break the bank for T20 World Cup tour?

New Delhi to New York to Barbados

With India’s campaign set to kick off from June 5, it will be a month long affair that will see various cities of USA including New York and different Caribbean islands ranging from St Lucia to Barbados where the games will take place.

Such is the craze for cricket across the globe that flight and hotel prices in the USA and the Caribbean islands have seen a sharp spike for the month of June. This serves as an indication of the enthusiasm of Indian fans and their love for cricket. One question that will cross everyone’s mind will be what would be the cheapest way out to watch the World Cup in their host nations.

Queries about cheapest flight tickets and cheapest hotel rates are already beginning to do the rounds. Don’t worry, we got you covered. InsideSport provides to you the cheapest alternatives that one can get if they wish to witness the entire tournament.

The total estimated expenses (cheapest), including flight tickets and accommodation is expected to come up to Rs 4,77,110. It is to be noted that the above mentioned price is that of flight tickets for one person and the cost of accommodation for two persons.

Cheapest flight rates

From (Date)Cost of ticket (1 person)
Delhi-New York City (June 2)Rs 45,000
New York City-Florida (June 14)Rs 6,500
Florida-Barbados (June 16)Rs 10,800
Barbados-Antigua (June 21)Rs 33,000
Antigua-St Lucia (June 22)Rs 30,700
St Lucia-Trinidad and Tobago (June 23)Rs 32,400
Trinidad and Tobago-Barbados (June 28)Rs 15,500
Barbados-New Delhi (June 30)Rs 1,10,800
Total sumRs 2,84,700
Cheapest flight rates (for one person) to see the T20 World Cup

Cheapest hotels to stay at for T20 World Cup 2024

Location (Date)Price (for 2 adults)
New York City (June 4-13)Rs 1,21,000
Florida (June 14-16)Rs 16,500
Barbados (June 16-21)Rs 19,000
Antigua (June 21-22)Rs 5,500
St Lucia (June 22-23)Rs 3,400
Trinidad and Tobago (June 23-28)Rs 18,500
Barbados (June 28-30)Rs 8,510
Total sumRs 1,92,410
Cheapest hotel prices (for 2 adults) to witness the T20 World Cup

India Schedule for T20 World Cup 2024

India are in Group A along with Ireland, Pakistan, Canada and the co-hosts USA. If India are to qualify for the Super 8 stage, they will be in Group A. India Cricket Team will play their Super 8 matches in the USA as well.

  • 1. India vs Ireland on June 5 (New York)
  • 2. India vs Pakistan on June 9 (New York)
  • 3. India vs USA on June 12 (New York)
  • 4. India vs Canada on June 15 (Florida)

*These prices have been taken from SkyScanner and booking.com as of May 8 and are subject to changes as one gets closer to the tournament


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