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COD Mobile Season 4 Fool’s Gold Battle Pass rewards are here

COD Mobile Season 4 Fool’s Gold Battle Pass rewards are here

Check out the all Free and Premium Pass rewards of upcoming Call of Duty Mobile aka COD Mobile Season 4 Battle Pass.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 update is around the corner. The update is set to bring a brand new Battle Pass featuring amazing rewards. Check out the rewards of upcoming Battle Pass with COD Mobile Season 4 Fool’s Gold theme.

COD Mobile Season 4 Battle Pass: Rewards

Free Pass Tiers – Wield the rapid-fire MG42 LMG, boasting a high ammo capacity for a weapon that’s perfect for suppressing enemy groups. Also earn the fan-favorite RC-XD Scorestreak, giving you control over a remote car that explodes on collision with enemies. Other free tier highlights include a variety of Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Vault Coins, and more.

Premium Pass Tiers – Purchase the Fool’s Gold Premium Pass for the chance to earn all the content available in the Fool’s Gold stream, including treasure hunter and adventure-themed Operator Skins like Zoe – Jungle Diva, David Mason – Ruin Ranger, Sims – Gunner, and Strongarm – Floral Fatality. Wield an assortment of ornate and vibrant Weapon Blueprints like the FR.556 – Unburied Treasure, CX-9 – Glorious Plumage, Arctic .50 – Jungle Maw, LK24 – Envenomed, and the MG42 – Rubble Maker, based on the new Season 4 weapon.

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Battle Pass Subscription: Enlist with the Ground Forces by purchasing a Battle Pass Subscription, granting additional monthly rewards along with a 10% boost to Player and Weapon XP, discount coupons, plus limited discounts on 10x crate pulls.

Season 4’s Ground Forces rewards include the D-Day – Bushranger Operator Skin, the Holger 26 – Serpent’s Gold, and the Backpack – Serpent’s Gold.


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