BGMI introduces major gameplay changes & new modes with its 1.5: Ignition July Patch Update

BGMI introduces major gameplay changes & new modes with its 1.5: Ignition July Patch Update
BGMI introduces major gameplay changes & new modes with its 1.5: Ignition July Patch Update

BGMI introduces major gameplay changes & new modes with its 1.5: Ignition July Patch Update. This month, Battlegrounds Mobile India will be introducing its first Patch Update since its launch in India. The patch update is similar to the 1.5: Ignition update of the PUBG Mobile Global Version. New elements will be introduced in the game along with significant gameplay changes & a new-ranked season that commences on July 14th at 7:30 a.m. IST. In this article, we have shared detailed information about Battlegrounds Mobile India’s July Patch update.

BGMI Patch Update

New Guns

Two new guns are being added to the Battlegrounds with this patch update. The MG3 (LMG) & the ASM – Abakan (AR) are joining the BGMI armory.

The MG3 that uses 7.62 mm rounds, can only be found in the airdrops. Players can choose between the two different fire rates provided for this gun that are 660 or 990 rounds per minute. The gun has a high recoil which can be managed using the bi-pod, a default attachment, that will automatically deploy once players go prone.


The ASM – Abakan will be added in the game as a regular mode & will be available in everyone’s favorite Erangel as well. This AR uses 5.56 ammo and has all the firing modes, Full-Auto, Burst & Single-Shot.

ASM - Abakan BGMI
ASM – Abakan BGMI

Furthermore, the M249 LMG is being removed from the air-drops & will be available in the battlegrounds as regular loot.

Glass Windows

Buildings in Erangel and Miramar will have glass windows now which is breakable by simply jumping through, or using melee attacks or bullets. There will also be glass-shattering sounds once you break them & that may alert enemies nearby.

Ranked Season Updates

Along with updated ranked badges for each tier, the Ace tier has been divided into three new tiers. Ace, Ace Master & Ace Dominator. Additionally, starting from the next season, three seasons would be combined to form a single cycle, and their abbreviations would be in the form of C1S1, C1S2, C1S3 (Cycle 1 Season 1, Cycle 1 Season 2, Cycle 1 Season 3).

New Ace Tiers
New Ace Tiers

Other Gameplay Changes

  • Customized Firearm Settings: You can set different preferred sensitivity & loadout for diffrent guns in the game.
  • Auto Gun Swap: Weapons will now automatically switch between primary & secondary once you run out of bullets in a mag.
  • Throwable Consumables: Players can now throw first-aids, bandages & other consumables upto a short distance just like the Melee Throw option.

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New Mode: Ignition

As part of the 1.5 update, the all-new & futuristic Ignition Mode will be added to the Erangel Map for a limited time. It will introduce an array of advanced techs on the map & some popular locations will be revamped to give a futuristic experience. Here are the revamped new locations

  • Pochinki – Transit Center
  • Georgopol – Port of Georgopol
  • School – Tech Center
  • Military Base – Security Center
  • Yasnaya Polyana – Logistics Agency
  • Mylta Power – Energy Center


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Check out the list of other updates coming with 1.5: Ignition –

  • Automatic Jump
  • Train (New Vehicle)
  • Air Conveyor Launcher
  • Anti Gravity Motorcycle
  • Robot Dogs
  • Upgraded Battleground: Mission Ignition
  • Quick Wheel
  • Evoground: Payload 2.0 removed for maintenance
  • Victory Statue

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New Royale Pass System for BGMI

Now, players can get their hands on a new Royale Pass every month. For the next Cycle, two different Royale Passes will be introduced in the game named C1S1 & C1S2. Both C1S1 & C2S2 will have a different set of rewards. As the Royale Passes duration is cut down to one month, so are the tier levels. The upcoming Royale Passes will have 50 tiers at max instead of 100 but the quality of the rewards will remain the same. The next C1S1 or M1 Royale Pass starts on 14th July & ends on 12th August.