WWE Smackdown Results & Highlights: Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens defeated The Usos via DQ after Roman Reigns attacked Rollins

WWE Smackdown – Smackdown Results and Highlights: Check out the big highlights and what happened on WWE Friday Night Smackdown Episode on…

WWE Smackdown Results & Highlights: Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens defeated The Usos via DQ after Roman Reigns attacked Rollins
WWE Smackdown Results & Highlights: Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens defeated The Usos via DQ after Roman Reigns attacked Rollins

WWE Smackdown – Smackdown Results and Highlights: Check out the big highlights and what happened on WWE Friday Night Smackdown Episode on 22nd January: Friday Night Smackdown continued towards the massive build-up of the Royal Rumble PPV event. The night kicked off with The Usos calling out Roman Reigns to celebrate his 508 days as the longest-reigning Universal Champion. His segment got interrupted by Seth Rollins and this spiced up then. What else took place on this week’s Smackdown? Check it out here in this post.

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WWE Smackdown matches & segments of the night:

  • The Usos in the ring and they welcome Roman Reigns
  • Sir Kofi Kingston (with Big E) vs. Madcap Moss (with Happy Corbin)
  • Natalya vs. Aliyah
  • The Viking Raiders vs. Los Lotharios
  • Charlotte Flair vs. Naomi
  • Sami Zayn in the ring
  • Sheamus vs. Ricochet
  • Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens vs The Usos


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WWE Smackdown Results & Highlights: Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens defeated The Usos via DQ after Roman Reigns attacked Rollins

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Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens vs The Usos- Jimmy and Seth started the proceedings and Seth went for two quick roll-up pins which stunned Jey. He went outside the ring and slid into the ring after taking some time only to tag in his brother Jey.

Jey then started the attack on Seth Rollins. He took him to his corner and The Usos started stomping him in the corner with simultaneous tags. Seth somehow got out from the corner and forced his way to the corner with Jimmy Uso at his helm. Seth was in his corner with Jimmy reeling on the bottom turnbuckle. Rollins and Owens returned Jimmy the favor and started stomping simultaneously.

After a while, we saw Rollins under the pump again as he got distracted by Jey when he was going for a high-flying maneuver. This gave Jimmy the time to beat the crap out of Rollins, but the latter somehow tagged in Owens.

Owens changed the complexion of the match by going for a Cannon Ball on Jimmy in the corner and then went uphill for a Swanton, but Jimmy got his knee up on time. Jimmy then superkicked Owens and he rolled out of the ring. Jimmy tagged Jey who went outside and super-kicked Owens on the face. We now head into commercials.

After the commercials, we saw Owens fighting it out in the ring against Jimmy Uso. Owens tried going to his corner to tag Rollins, but Jimmy tagged Jey who hit Rollins with a hard right hand and he went outside. The struggle continued for Owens. He then hit a step up enzegurie and finally tagged in Rollins.

Rollins was the legal man now and he was rolling with his moves. Rollins sent The Usos outside the ring and then went for a suicide dive. The action was getting intense and Seth Rollins was on the money with all his moves. He was taking out the Usos at will and even survived a pop-up Samoan Drop from The Usos who did it with ease.

In the closing moments of the match, Owens came into the picture and sent Jey out with a Stunner. Jimmy then superkicked Owens who rolled outside the ring. Now, Seth worked on Jimmy, hit him with a neck breaker, and then with an elbow right on the back of his head. Rollins then went for a stomp, but all of a sudden Roman Reigns came into the ring and hit Rollins with a Superman Punch. The referee disqualified the bout and the win was given tp Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens.

WWE Smackdown Results: Kevin Owens & Seth Rollins won via DQ



Sheamus vs. Ricochet- Sheamus came out with his buddy Ridge Holland who still wasn’t medically cleared to compete. Sheamus and Ricochet started the proceedings with Sheamus taking the early honors.

He was all over Ricochet and hit him with the 10 chest shots early on. Ricochet tried to pull himself out of the assault by hitting a kick in the face of Sheamus while he was on the apron. The kick saw Sheamus tumbling outside the ring. Ricochet seek this as an opportunity and went for a suicide dive from between the middle and top rope, but Sheamus caught him with a knee in the gut while Ricochet was flying.

Ricochet was down and out now. Sheamus picked him up and send him rolling inside the ring. He then set himself up for a Brogue Kick and nailed a perfect one to pick up a win on Ricochet two weeks in a row.

WWE Smackdown Results: Sheamus won via Pinfall.



Backstage: Adam Pearce was in his office with a special visitor, i.e.e, Erick Bischoff. Erick doubted his leadership skills and asked him to take tough decisions. Sonya also made a visit to the office then and Adam Pearce told him that what she did with Naomi tonight wasn’t the right thing as an official. Therefore, he is putting him in a match with Naomi next week to solve their issues.



Sami Zayn in the ring- Sami Zayn is back with his new show In-Zayn. He was making a mockery of Johnny’s show where competitors hurt themselves using different stuff. Sami had an electric stick in his hand and he was hurting himself showing the WWE Universe how tough he is.

He was interrupted by Johnny Knoxville. He took the stick from Sami’s hand and said that yeah, it is a real electric stick, but Sami forgot to switch it on. Knoxville then turned it ‘On’ and used it on Zayn. Zayn was on the floor in moments.

Knoxville got him up and send him outside the ring over the top rope. With both men in the Royal Rumble match, it was a total insult on the injury for Zayn.



Backstage: Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins got interviewed. Kayla asked Seth why is he putting his title shot in jeopardy tonight in a high-stakes tag-team match. Instead of Rollins, Kevin replied that he would have been the longest reigning Universal Champion if it wasn’t for The Usos, as they helped Roman multiple times in winning his matches against him (Kevin Owens).


Charlotte Flair vs. Naomi- Before the match could have started and the bell could have rung, Sonya Deville came into the ring and asked the official to give her his T-Shirt as she will be officiating this match now.

Naomi argued with Sonya and Charlotte took advantage by hitting a cheap shot on Naomi. Charlotte then grabbed her face between her thighs and slammed her face repeatedly on the mat. She then took her to the corner and continued her attack, but Naomi retaliated and kicked Charlotte in the face to get some momentum in the match.

Naomi showed some of her offense and didn’t let Charlotte nail Figure 8. She kicked Charlotte towards Sonya who got out of the ring tumbling. Naomi then hit Charlotte with a rearview and went for a cover, but Sonya was outside near the announce table and didn’t go into the ring to count the pinfall.

She came into the ring when Charlotte held Naomi in a Figure 8 and despite Naomi not event tapping out, Sonya called for the bell and gave the win to Charlotte Flair.

WWE Smackdown Results: Charlotte Flair won via submission



The Viking Raiders vs. Los Lotharios- Humberto and Ivar started the proceedings but Erik took the tag soon when Ivar pushed Humberto to his corner. Erik then got caught in the double basement kick and the double attack of Humberto and Angel who exchanged tags simultaneously.

Ivar then got the tag and he started his raid on both Humberto and Angel. He was taking care of both the members of Los Lotharios and soon we saw The Viking Raiders dominating the proceedings.

The match was reaching its pinnacle now. Los Lotharios tried going for a double attack on Ivar, but Erik took the tag with Los Lotharios’ unknown of it. He came into the ring and hit a unique move on both Angel & Humberto which was a spine buster and body slam at the same time. That was it, Erik then went for a cover on Humberto and the Viking Raiders won the match.

WWE Smackdown Results: The Viking Raiders won via Pinfall



Natalya vs. Aliyah- Natalya kicked Aliyah in the gut to start the match, but Aliyah went for a quick roll-up pin which Natalya survived. The two ladies then exchanged a few blows, before Natalya showed why she is a veteran in the company.

Natalya was all over Aliyah and was dominating the match now. She took Aliyah to the corner post and then unloaded with a series of stomps in the corner. The referee started his count as Natalya was hitting Aliyah in the corner, and when Natalya didn’t stop the assault after the referee counted 5, the match got disqualified and Aliyah was declared the winner.

WWE Smackdown Results: Aliyah won via DQ

Natalya didn’t stop the assault even after the match got over, and all of a sudden we saw the ‘Protector’ Xia Li making her way to the ring to save the day for Aliyah.




Sir Kofi Kingston (with Big E) vs. Madcap Moss (with Happy Corbin)- Kofi Kingston and Madcap Moss started off with the latter taking Kofi down with an elbow.

The two men exchanged a few blows before the action shifted outside the ring where Kofi launched himself from the steel stairs on Moss, who was standing near the announce table. Happy Corbin tried to intervene, but Big E bashed him into the steel stairs and we go into commercials.

After the commercials, we saw the two men in the ring exchanging offense. Moss planted a takedown on Kofi and went for a cover, however, the former WWE Champion kicked out on 2-count. The two men were going after each other with their strikes but all of a sudden, Kofi hit an SOS to pick up a victory.

WWE Smackdown Results: Kofi Kingston defeated Madcap Moss via Pinfall

After the match got over, Big E came into the ring and nailed a Big Ending on Madcap Moss.



The Usos in the ring- The Usos are in the ring and they acknowledge the fact that Roman Reigns is the longest-reigning Universal Champion. i.e. for 508 days. They then call out their cousin Roman Reigns to the ring.

Roman Reigns is in the ring and he starts off by asking the Nashville crowd to ‘Acknowledge’ him. Jimmy Uso then takes the privilege to roll up a footage on the big screen of the domination Roman Reigns had for the 508 days as the Universal Champion.

Once the video package got over, Seth Rollins showed up and he was there on the ramp. He started off by congratulating Roman for his accomplishment. He then said that let’s ‘Acknowledge’ the fact that The Usos are the longest reigning Smackdown Champion and they are the cornerstone of the Bloodline just like he and Mox (John Moxley of AEW who was known as Dean Ambrose in WWE and was part of the ‘Shield’) was the one who helped Roman elevate to the top.

He said that Roman never did anything for The Usos, but The Usos have helped Roman elevate to the top and have had his back every time. Rollins also said The Usos always help Roman win his matches. After this Roman told him that The Usos won’t be at the ringside in their match at Royal Rumble and he gave Rollins his words.

However, Rollins didn’t believe him. Instead, he said that if he beats The Usos with one of the partners of his choosing in a tag-team match tonight, The Usos will be barred from the ring at Royal Rumble. His partner was none other than Kevin Owens who made a surprise visit to Smackdown.

Before Roman could have said anything, Jey Uso accepted the challenge. However, Roman raised the stakes by saying if Rollins and his partner lose, their match at Royal Rumble will be canceled.

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