WWE Raw: Bobby Lashley injured his knee after the match against Big E? Check details

WWE Raw: Has Bobby Lashley got his knee injured after the match against Big E? Check here
WWE Raw: Has Bobby Lashley got his knee injured after the match against Big E? Check here

WWE Raw – Bobby Lashley Injury: This past week on WWE Raw, Big E cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on the All-Mighty Bobby Lashley to become the new WWE Champion. Bobby Lashley had to fight two matches simultaneously, and before starting his bout against Big E, Lashley was seen limping, and it seemed like he injured his knee. 

WWE Raw – Bobby Lashley Injury: The belief was that he might have legitimately injured his knee, but that wasn’t the case. According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, Lashley was “100% fine” and was selling the injury effectively. Johnson cleared the air by mentioning,

“For those who asked about Bobby Lashley’s knee, he is 100% fine and was just doing an absolutely excellent job at selling coming out of the spot where he slammed Randy Orton through the table.” He further added, “Lashley was getting a lot of praise for his performance last night after the bout….”

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WWE Raw: Selling an injury is quite common in the pro-wrestling business

Selling an injury isn’t a rare sight in the pro-wrestling business. What Lashley did this past week on Monday Night Raw was purely a kayfabe injury. Doing this leads fans to think that the superstar is actually hurt, but this is only done to hype the match or current situation. 

Lashley’s kayfabe injury led people to speculate if the former WWE Champion was legitimately hurt, but that wasn’t the case as he is fine and should be featuring next week on WWE Raw.

WWE Raw: Bobby Lashley had a terrific run as the WWE Champion

Bobby Lashley held the prestigious WWE Championship for 196 days, and his reign was nothing short of sheer domination. He had some memorable matches against Drew McIntyre, who literally gave him a run for his money. 

MVP played a major part in helping Lashley overcome McIntyre’s threat. However, once the Scottish Warrior was out of the title picture, Lashley decimated each and every opponent who came his way, including WWE Hall of Famer Golberg. 

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