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UFC Vegas 57: Arman Tsarukyan vs Mateusz Gamrot, Fight goes the distance, Gamrot takes Decision Win

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UFC Vegas 57: Arman Tsarukyan vs Mateusz Gamrot- UFC Vegas 57 came to an end after a war of Main Even coming to a end with Mateusz Gamrot’s Unanimous Decision victory. Follow UFC Vegas 57 Live Updates with InsideSport.IN

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UFC Vegas 57: Arman Tsarukyan vs Mateusz Gamrot, Fight goes the distance, Gamrot takes Decision Win

UFC Vegas 57: Arman Tsarukyan vs Mateusz Gamrot, Fight goes the distance, Gamrot takes Decision Win
UFC Vegas 57: Arman Tsarukyan vs Mateusz Gamrot, Fight goes the distance, Gamrot takes Decision Win

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Arman Tsarukyan vs Mateusz Gamrot :

10:44- Mateusz Gamrot takes the Unanimous Decision Victory.

10:42- Round 5: Arman starts with the offence and even drops Gamrot with a leg kick but he is back up right away. Arman shoots for takedown but fails to get it. Gamrot shoots for it and gets Arman down but he escapes after a while of struggle. Mateusz shoots again but fails this time. Gamrot shooting for takedowns and Arman landing some clean hits. Tsarukyan accelerates the offence but Gamrot lands another takedown in the final seconds but Arman reverses it. Fight goes the distance.

10:35- Round 4: Gamrot takes the charge this time and lands some really strong hits. Arman drops Gamrot from a spinning back fist and goes to the ground but Gamrot escapes and tries to take the back. Both gets separated and back at the striking exchange. Gamrot attempts a takedown and gets it after a while of struggle and tries a submission but Arman survives it somehow to head into the fifth and final round.

10:29- Round 3: Arman is doing a great job in building pressure and same hoes for Mateusz, who has been equally great with the counter. Gamrot goes for a takedown and has Arman against the wall with control on his back. Arman survives and shoots for his own takedown but Gamrot escapes. A powerful kick to the midsection form Arman.

10:23- Round 2: Mateusz catches Arman’s kick again but again no result. A lovely technical and entertaining fight. Arman lands some strong shots and shoots for a takedown but both of them are back again on their feet right away. The crowd is chanting Arman. Both fighters are putting on a show.

10:16- Round 1: Early takedown attempt from Gamrot but Arman escapes. Tsarukyan gets the takedown instead. A great Grappling brawl before both fighters decide to get back to the standing game. Arman throws a kick Mateusz catches it but fails to drop him. Things goes on the ground again, Arman tries a submission but bell separates them.

10:07- The Main Event is underway. Arman Tsarukyan and Mateusz Gamrot takes the center stage.

9:50- Round 2: Shavkat again pushes Neil in the corner and gets an early takedown. Shavkat is in a strong position attempting to go for a submission, although Magny is doing a great job surviving. Shavkat gets in a Guillotine and submits Magny in round 2.

9:44- Round 1: Neil Magny starts with kicks but Shavkat catches one of them and drops Magny early in the round. Neil so far is doing a great job surviving the assault. Neil Magny attempts a submission but Shavkat escapes.

09:37- The Co-main event is underway as Neil Magny and Shavkat Rakhmonov enter the octagon.

9:20- Round 2: Josh Parisian gets an early takedown. Baudot was in a really bad place but manages to get back up. Both of these guys are seemingly running out of gas. Parisian gets another takedown and gets more dominant position and this time referee makes the stoppage. Parisian stops Baudot in second round.

9:17- Round 1: Both of them go at each other from the start but the Fight gets stop in the first 30 seconds as Alan hits Josh with an accidental low blow, fight resumes. Parisian is landing some great leg kicks. Both of them so far are doing good at countering each others move. Alan drops Josh and does a lot of damage before Parisian manages to get back up. Josh attempts a takedown and gets it and now he is the one doing damage but Alan got saved by the bell.

09:08- Both Josh Parisian and Alan Baudot enter the octagon.

08:56- Thiago Moises wins by a standing rear naked choke.

8:53- Round 1: Thiago Moises shoots for an early takedown and gets it after a while of struggle and quickly gets on Christos’ back. Now Christos Giagos is standing by the cage wall with Thiago Moises on his back with a body triangle. Moises gets in a rear naked choke in and Giagos taps out.

08:48- Thiago Moises and Christos Giagos enter the octagon.

08:38- Undefeated Nurmagomedov, Umar takes Unanimous decision victory to go 15-0.

8:37- Round 3: Great exchange of strikes from both fighters. Umar tries to force Nate back with his kicks. Umar gets his third takedown with less than 3 minutes remaining. The fight goes the distance but I don’t think decision would be hard for judges.

8:30- Round 2: Umar shoots and gets an early takedown and now he has four minutes to work unlike the last one. Nate is doing quite good for now but Umar is slowly getting in position and he gets the back with final 30 seconds remaining, a really great job from Nathan Maness.

8:23- Round 1: Umar keeping his distance while Nate is quite cautious too while launching in. Nate goes for another shots but Umar catches him and takes him down. Good job for now form Nate in defending himself from below the ground. Umar trying to build pressure and get on Nate’s back but good defence from Nate but time was in the favour of Maness.

08:16- Both Umar and Nate takes the center stage.

08:06- Fight goes the Distance as Chris Curtis takes a big Unanimous Decision Victory.

8:03- Round 3: Chris starts with some really strong body shots. Vieira shoots for the takedown and misses completely. Chris continues the attack, another shoot and miss from Vieira. Chris is landing successfully and avoiding defending those takedown attempts. A great counterattack from Vieira, the last minute of the final round has been really entertaining.

7:57- Round 2: Vieira starts with the forward pressure this time and he attempts a takedown but fails as Curtis is next to the cage. Vieira separates himself from the clutch with a combo of punches. The rest of the round has been about Chris’ counterattack, the powerful shots to the body and head has wore out Rodolfo.

7:50 – Round 1: Chris starts with the forward pressure and Vieira is trying to keep his distance. Curtis lands some hits, Rodolfo shoots for the takedown but good defence from Chris as he gets the mount, both fighters are back on their feet, Vieira is pressing him against the cage. The fight stops for a while as Vieira lands an accidental low blow, fight resumes. Vieira takes Curtis back to the cage but Curtis fires back with powerful shot. Another low blow, fight stops and resume again. Ends with an exchange of hits.

07:42- Both Chris Curtis and Rodolfo Vieira enter the octagon.

UFC Vegas 57: Arman Tsarukyan vs Mateusz Gamrot, Fight goes the distance, Gamrot takes Decision Win

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