Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – Level up to Mythic rank in Season 23 by using these heroes

The latest update patch came at the right time as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has just started its new Season 23. There…

MLBB: Level up to Mythic rank - season 23 using these heroes
MLBB: Level up to Mythic rank - season 23 using these heroes

The latest update patch came at the right time as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has just started its new Season 23. There has been a lot of changes in the meta heroes during the time of the M3 World Championship 2021. You can use them to your advantage and rise up in the ranked games. Today we will discuss some of the best heroes that you can pick to make your team lineup more superior in the game. Mobile Legends best heroes, Mobile Legends Season 23, Mobile Legends mythical glory, MLBB road to mythic season 23, MLBB Season 23

Middle Lane

This is the shortest lane on the map and in the center of a lot of action. By winning this lane, your team has more access to the enemy jungle, especially to their blue and red buffs. Generally, mages are picked for this lane, but you can also pick those heroes that counter the enemy’s middle lane hero. Here are some of the best heroes to go for in this lane.

  • Vale: He is one of the best mages now and has a lot of burst damage in the late game. His first skill is for wave clearing/poking, his second skill is for crowd control and the ultimate is for burst area-of-effect damage. The best thing about Vale is that his skills receive further advancements like an increase in area, damage, or crowd control. Moreover, he also gains extra movement speed as he gets kills and assists.
  • Yve: She is a good mage as her ultimate can allow you to zone out enemies or even attack the backlines. Her first skill provides burst damage while her second skill helps her in clearing waves. With her skills, Yve can either gain movement speed or slow down the enemy heroes. Thus, she is a good mage for team fights.

Kagura, Pharsa, and Valentina are also meta mages that you can go for.

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Experience Lane

This lane is suitable for those heroes which need to level up their abilities to become stronger. You can use fighters, mages, or even some tanks here. Here are some of the best meta heroes for the experience lane.

  • Chou: Since his release, this hero has always been in the meta. Players find it hard to master Chou, but if you can do it successfully, you can dominate the entire game. The best thing about Chou is that players can build him as an engaging tank or a burst assassin.
  • Edith: Although she is a new hero, Edith can very well be crowned as the best experience laner in the game now. In her mecha form, she can play safely using her wave clearing and engaging skills. As soon as she unlocks her ultimate, she can morph into her marksman form and deal ranged damage from her skills. Thus this tank/marksman hybrid also shines in the experience lane.\

Heroes like Bane, Phoveus, Yu Zhong, and Ruby are also suitable to play in this lane.

Gold Lane

This lane is for the marksman as they need to quickly build up items to start putting damage in team fights. Here are some of the best-ranged heroes to go for in the gold lane.

  • Beatrix: She is undoubtedly the best marksman hero in the game. Although she lacks any crowd control skills, her four types of guns (Renner, Bennett, Wesker, and Nibiru) can be used for any type of situation. Renner for long-range targeting, Wesker for bursting heroes or turrets, Nibiru for harassing/poking, and Bennett for clearing waves. She is a multi-purpose hero in a team fight.
  • Natan: Although Natan got hit with a nerf, his late-game damage can melt any hero. Players need to learn to use Natan’s ultimate Entropy correctly to gain an advantage in team fights. Just farm safely until the mid-game and start joining team fights from the backline after you have got two damage-dealing items.

Some other marksmen that you can go for are Brody, Clint, and Kimmy.


It is one of the most crucial roles in the game. Junglers have to clear jungle camps like monsters, turtles, lords while also looking to gank other lanes. A good jungler can also gain an advantage by stealing the enemy’s jungle camps. Here are the best jungle heroes in the game.

  • Roger: Roger is considered the perfect jungler of Mobile Legends Bang Bang. His skills allow him to gain a lot of movement and attack speed. This helps him to clear jungle camps and eliminate squishy heroes quickly with his combos. Players need to have a fast reaction time so that they can execute Roger’s combos quickly and dominate in team fights.
  • Paquito: Paquito is also one of the best jungler in the game because of his dash, crowd control, and burst skills. Players just need to keep his passive stacked especially if they are going to use his ultimate. Use his dashes to reach the backlines and eliminate squishy heroes first. Players also need to execute Paquito combos correctly to win in team fights.

Heroes like Barats, Karina, Granger, and Yi Sun-shin also shine in the jungle role.

MLBB Season 23
MLBB Season 23


This is one of the least picked roles in the game as roamers lack sufficient damage in team fights. Yet it is a vital role as they are responsible for scouting, engaging, and crowd controlling enemy heroes while also supporting their allies. Tanks and supports are generally played in this role. The best picks for roaming are.

  • Rafaela: She is the best support of this meta as her second skill healing and movement speed buff can be applied to every teammate. Her first skill is best for scouting out hidden enemy heroes while her ultimate is a linear crowd control skill. She is also easy to use and can make your team stronger.
  • Lolita: Lolita has become a new meta since the M3 World Championship 2021. She has a dash, a single-target stun, an area-of-effect stun, and a shield that can block all projectiles. This makes her the perfect counter to all ranged attacks and skills. Players just need to position their skills correctly, especially her ultimate in team fights.

Apart from these two, Estes, Mathilda, and Floryn are also top-tier support picks, depending upon the situation.

To climb up the Ranked ladder and reach Mythical Glory, you need to adapt to every role in the game so that your team has a proper lineup. Learning and mastering two or three heroes in each role will allow you to climb higher in Season 23.

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