Sunday, May 22, 2022

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – Latest Patch Notes 1.6.42; Confirmed Gameplay Changes!

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After some delay, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang have officially released their latest patch update. In this update, we will be getting a new hero, along with many new skins and hero adjustments. More information on the upcoming January 2022 Spotlight is also given here. MLBB Latest Patch Notes 1.6.42, Mobile Legends New Patch, Mobile Legends New Hero, Mobile Legends New Skin, MLBB January Starlight, MLBB New Map

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – New Hero

Players will now have access to the new hero Edith in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. She is the first tank/marksman hybrid hero in the game. If players have the Hero Exchange Token, they can use it to exchange for Edith, the Forsaken Warden for free.

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – Hero Adjustments

To make matchmaking and gameplay fairer, the following heroes have been adjusted so that players can try out new playstyles.

  1. Buffed Heroes: Lesley, Franco, Popol and Kupa, Badang, Cecilion.
  2. Nerfed Heroes: Aamon, Clint, Natan, Valentina.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – New Skins

For players who want to try out a new look for their heroes, the following skins will be available.

  1. Edith’s “Celestial Safeguard” will be available for 51 diamonds for the first two weeks.
  2. Clint’s January Starlight Skin “Operator CL” will be available on 1st January.
  3. Yve’s “Ruin Protectress” will be available on 11th January for 599 diamonds. It will be 30% off in the first week.
  4. The Christmas Carnival skins for Gord, Eudora, Miya and the Christmas skins for Karina, Zilong, Claude, Odette, Lancelot, Fanny, Freya are back with new display scenes.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – Battlefield Adjustments

The following changes have been made to the in-game content in the Land of Dawn of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

  1. The Celestial Palace map will no longer be available within the game.
  2. Players will now get a new map called Sanctum Island that comes with updated graphics and new monsters on the map.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – New Events

Information regarding the following upcoming events has been released.

  1. Season 22 will end on 24th December 2021 at 23:59:59 in Server Time. Players who have attained Master or above in the Ranked game will receive Terizla “Rustwreck” as the Season Finale reward. Season 23 will begin on 25th December 2021 at 02:00:00 in Server Time.
  2. Season 23 First Recharge rewards:
    1. Recharge 20 diamonds to claim Season 23 First Recharge Avatar Border for free.
    2. Recharge 20 diamonds to purchase the Season 23 First Recharge Skin – Karrie “Wheel of Time” for 100 diamonds.


These are the main points of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Patch Notes 1.6.42.

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