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IPL Media Rights Tender: BCCI Doubles the BASE-PRICE of IPL Media Rights at 33,000 Crores, expects ‘BIDS to go above 50,000 Crore’

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IPL Media Rights Tender – IPL Rights Base Price: The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has upped the ante for IPL Media Rights. According to available info, the board has increased the BASE-PRICE of IPL RIGHTS by almost 100%. The last cycle of rights were sold at 16,347.5 crore to Disney Star. Taking cue from that BCCI has doubled the base price to 33,000 crore for the IPL Rights portfolio: Follow IPL 2022 LIVE Updates & IPL Media Rights Tender LIVE Updates with InsideSport.IN

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“Everyone knows the value of IPL as product has increased in the last 5 years. We have divided rights into 4 bundles to unlock the real value for the rights. No composite bids will be allowed. For each package bidders will have to bid separately. Each package will have base price attached to it”, informed a top source in BCCI directly involved with the Tender process.

According to information from the ITT,

  • Bundle A – Indian Sub Continent Broadcast: Base price in this category is Rs 49 crore per game. Overall 74 Games base price would be Rs 18,130 crore for five years.
  • Bundle B – Digital rights Indian Sub-Continent: Base price for this package is Rs 33 crore per game. For five years, the calculation is Rs 12,210 crore.
  • Bundle C: Non Exclusive Package: The much-debated special package is in Bundle C which comprises 18 games and the reserve price in this cluster is Rs 16 crore per game. At 74 games per season and calculated for five years, the price of this bundle is Rs 1440 crore.
  • Bundle D: Rest of the World Rights (Outside Sub-Continent): Base price for this package is Rs 3 crore per game. The combined value of the reserve price is Rs 1110. crore for five years.

IPL Media Rights: BCCI finally releases LONG-AWAITED IPL Media Rights tender, E-Auction…

IPL Media Rights Tender: BCCI Doubles the BASE-PRICE of IPL Media Rights at 33,000 Crores, expects ‘BIDS to go above 50,000 Crore’
IPL Media Rights – E-Auction on 12th June: BCCI on Tuesday finally released the long-awaited Invitation to Tender for IPL Media Rights for 2023-27 season.
The tender was released after a delay of almost five months. The potential bidders can now pick the ITT documents in exchange for Rs 25 Lakh. The E-Auction for the IPL Media Rights portfolio is all set to take place on June 12

PL Rights E-Auction – IPL Media Rights Expectations – InsideSport has learnt that the BCCI has created a internal report on the valuation for IPL Rights Cycle 2023-27. As per the report prepared by KPMG, the IPL Digital Rights package this time will fetch almost 500%-600% of the last cycle.

The highest BIDS for the Digital Rights package in 2018 was by Facebook. The social media giant had bidded 3,900 Crore for 5 years of Rights. Airtel was the next highest bidder for the category at 3280 Cr followed by Reliance JIO.

The incumbent Star Sports bidded only 1443 Cr for the DIGITAL Rights last time. They still managed to acquire the rights on account of highest overall number (broadcast + digital and other categories).

InsideSport has learnt that the BCCI internal valuation report has pegged the DIGITAL RIGHTS value very high this time. The report suggests that DIGITAL RIGHTS alone should fetch more than 15,000-16,000 Crore this time.

This is 500% more than the last CYCLE values.

IPL Media Rights Tender: Value for the Tender conducted in 2018

“Technology has changed since the last bid. Digital and OTT subsciption is a big play now. Each and every player in the market knows that IPL Rights can drive anyone’s subscription. We feel the values to be really high this time. It can go 5-6 times. We are sure multiple parties will be interested in the package”, informed the top BCCI official to InsideSport.

IPL Media Rights Tender coming out next week, BCCI expects IPL Digital Rights value to match IPL LIVE broadcast package commercials

IPL LIVE Streaming Rights vs IPL Broadcasting Rights: It is worth noting that in the ONGOING cycle of rights, Star Sports won the 5 years package for 16,347.5 Crore.

  • Insiders in BCCI feels Overall Bid should be more than 45,000-50,000 CR – which is 3 times the last overall bid.
  • BCCI feels Digital rights should fetch minimum 5 times of the LAST values i.e in the range of 15 to 16,000 CR
  • Broadcast Rights should go up minimum by 2.5 times
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