Lewis Hamilton Contract: No Place at RIVALS, Red Bull racing REFUSES to take 7-Time World Champion, Christian Horner states ‘ NO VACANCY’ – Check Out

Lewis Hamilton Contract: Formula 1: According to the most recent news, Christian Horner confirmed Red Bull’s take on Hamilton’s entry for the…

Lewis Hamilton Contract: Formula 1: According to the most recent news, Christian Horner confirmed Red Bull’s take on Hamilton’s entry for the upcoming season in 2024. Horner has denied any such possibility of Hamilton. Follow Formula 1 Live Updates Only On InsidesSports.in

Red Bull has emphasized that they are quite satisfied with the performance of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. While Horner has also emphasized how it is an open grid to all drivers, it has countered the claim of Hamilton being a candidate for the same. The team principal has also wished that Mercedes will soon sort out its issues with Lewis.

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When questioned about Hamilton in a business interview with Sky News, he remarked,”I think what Lewis has achieved in F1 is second to none. But we’re very happy with the drivers that we have, they’re committed as a pair for not only this season but the next season as well.

The season has been a bad start for the seven-time world champion, and the former reigning team, Mercedes. The driver has been with Mercedes since 2012 and is going to be out of contract at the end of this season. The damping performance has led to several speculations that Hamilton will be looking for alternative shelter for the upcoming season.

However, Mercedes is still positive about the reconciliation with Hamilton. Toto Wolff remains very confident about the difficult situation and he expects that Hamilton will put up with the situation. “He is a fighter and so are we,” commented Wolff after the Jeddah race ended on Sunday.

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On the other hand, Hamilton has clearly stated his dissatisfaction with the current performance, but his commitment to the team stands firm. He expressed his expectations to do better while appreciating the team and its efforts toward him. However, he also said that he is open to any changes. “I don’t envisage being anywhere else, and I don’t see myself quitting, I don’t feel like I’m a quitter.”

“But I wouldn’t say that it’s giving me a lot. You know, I’ve been there and done that and bought the t-shirt many times!” said Hamilton. Both Mercedes and Hamilton are working patiently to get the desired results.

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